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  1. UPDATE Sorry for the long wait, the new mobo took a while in shipping. So here's what I have to report: After uninstalling the ASRock AB350 Pro4 drivers and utilities and installing the MSI X470 Gaming Plus drivers I witnessed nothing fishy. All of my devices worked perfectly fine. I was getting perfectly clear audio (perhaps even a bit louder, I think the sound system on the MSI board is a bit stronger), running games was super smooth, I could capture screen recordings and encode video and I'd describe the experience as identical to when I had the ASRock board in the system. The only issue I faced was Windows Activation. As your license is tied to your motherboard, I had to reinstall Windows with a new license. I am aware that you can attempt to recover the license, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. But yeah, all in all I'd say that at least with my configuration everything worked really smoothly - swapping motherboards was perfectly fine. Thanks everybody! <3
  2. I'm certainly interested to see what gremlins (if any) appear in my configuration. It would be useful information in a general sense for people performing the same sort of upgrade in the future.
  3. Yeah, at this point I'm thinking I best do a clean install. I still want to try without for a little bit to see if anything acts funny - I'll keep the thread updated if I witness anything funky
  4. Better safe than sorry, that's for sure. But starting from scratch is soooo annoying Best practice though, I'll be sure to do a clean install then.
  5. Guess we'll have to wait and see if Windows craps out from a mobo swap. Wish me luck!
  6. I would imagine. I'll give it a shot without a complete reinstall and see how things go - otherwise we're starting from scratch
  7. I'm going from an ASRock B350 Pro4 to an MSI X470 Gaming Plus. I wanted to know if I need to reinstall windows to get everything functioning properly, or do I just need to uninstall my previous motherboards utilities and drivers and reinstall the new boards utilities and drivers. Thanks!
  8. I've made a number of changes to my configuration and I have resolved the issue. Firstly, I uninstalled Avast antivirus as that was causing numerous other issues - I thought it best to get rid of Avast just to eliminate one potentially massive variable. Above normal process priority with the "faster" encode profile @ 16 000 mbps seems to be very smooth now.
  9. I made this info-graphic to demonstrate my issue a little better.
  10. Hello Forum. So I've been trying to iron out this kink in OBS for the past little while, and I can't come up with any conclusions. Essentially, my OBS recordings are choppy and skip frames for reasons I can't explain. Here are my system specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 (OC - 3.85 GHz @ 1.3625V) MOBO: ASRock AB350 Pro4 (Fan directly over VRM heatsink) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4 2400 MHz (OC to 2733 MHz @ 1.45V) GPU: Powercolor Red Devil RX 580 8GB PSU: Cooler Master Elite V2 550W Case: Corsair 270R (3x120mm Intake) SSD: WD Blue 250GB M.2 (SATA Interface) HDD: 1TB WD Black 7200RPM 3.5" I'll leave an example recording included via Google Drive. While OBS displays the capture during a recording as "59.94 fps", if you look at the recordings frame by frame, there are quite a number of skipped frames. I've included my current OBS settings, but if I change the bitrate or the encoder profile it still doesn't aid the issue. I thought maybe my storage was bottle-necking the output, so I tested the output to my SSD but still no change. My system is well cooled, and I don't run into any thermals above 70°C on my GPU or 65°C on the CPU, it never really gets close honestly. I uninstalled OBS and re-installed OBS, and that lead to no changes. I closed every single app other than OBS and Apex Legends, and the behaviour still persists. You can notice frame skips particularly towards the end of the clip. Does anyone have any explanations for this? I'd love to hear some feedback, I am absolutely wracking my brain trying to determine what the hell the issue is here. Thanks a bunch! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1srND41balbKsiWzjl_na_uHIHzWUU2YE?usp=sharing
  11. My bad, I should have been more specific. Anything below $200 is what I'm considering, but the cheaper the better - ultimately I have other cameras for other purposes and I only need this one to be decent at facecam footage. I don't need audio either, I have everything on a separate interface.
  12. Hey forum. I'm looking for a cheap camcorder with an HDMI out for capture via a capture card for facecam footage. It only really needs to output 720p, and I'm totally down for searching on the used market. I'd love to know if you have any recommendations. Thank you so much!
  13. @Bananasplit_00 @WereCat Could you tell me if I'm out of my depth here? Does this setup suggest that given the theoretically high quality panel, as long as I had a driver board that support high refresh rates, I could run the panel at above 100Hz, so long as the panel had an LVDS interface? I'm looking at one of these at the moment: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/LCD-LED-120hz-controller-board-with_60789228083.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.2.56f96f49JzkvYV
  14. From what I understand, the scaler is a piece of programmable hardware? So the manufacturer would define it's parameters? Again, I'm positing a hypothetical, but if you could modify the scaler to genuinely respond to higher refresh rates would that allow you to push higher monitor refreshes?
  15. Very interesting. For the sake of the argument, let's say that a theoretical 60Hz panel is like super high quality somehow, if you could change the driver circuit to something more capable, and didn't run into display cable limits, could you theoretically achieve an impressive display OC, like in excess of 100Hz?