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  1. Now i entered asrock b450m steel legend and didnot find my ram team delta rgb 2 x 8 patch TF3D416G2400HC15BDC01 will not work with my new ryzen 3600 at full speed second if runs 2400 will that alsoin decreasing temps with cpu on stock cooler and temps should i expect at gaming at bf v for example or runing cine bench
  2. Good thinking bro but i havevthe rams already i used them with my previous build
  3. I will use only for rx 570 i just want to be sure i will have similar perfirmance like my previous i5 8400 and before you say it iam getting ryzen 3600 for multi tasking and not be 100 % usage like bfv and bf1 with i5 8400
  4. Hi guys i have small problem actually 2 iam going to upgrade my system to ryzen 3600 and asrock b450 m steel legend i also have rx 570 and team delta rgb dddr4 2400 i know wgat are you going to say get high ram frequency but iam on limited budget so i wonder will i lose performance from this card or the losing will be with high end cards like 2070 or 5700xt and similar or above i will change it soon after 2 month but iam nust curious also about temp can stock cooler handle gaming for Two months to to get the cooler with news rams
  5. you have in r1 2 fans with 100 % speed and performance should like d15 at stock and i tested u12se at same cpu was getting 52 to 55 at max r1 should perform better than u12 at least 4 dgrees not reaching 62 or 63 at stock !!!!! https://www.thinkcomputers.org/noctua-nh-d15-se-am4-cpu-cooler-review/4/ http://www.funkykit.com/reviews/cooling/noctua-nh-d15-se-am4-cooler-review/4/ http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?293357-Noctua-NH-D15-SE-AM4&p=5255825#post5255825
  6. brother every review say you can get with d15 which equal r1 ultimate 50 49 or 52 at max at stock for ryzen 1700 with 1.01 volt with r1 ultimate 62 or 63 at stock only when i move to ver clocking it reach 87 very fast noctua u12 which should be more less performance get 81 or 82
  7. can please provide me a video or mounting r1 ultimate with am4 i mounted 4 times until it was not able move secrew
  8. noctua was full spedd 2000 r1 2 fans 140 mm were running at 1400
  9. stock was noctua u12 was 51 in prime test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! r1 ultimate which must be better is 63 c !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i just bought a cryorig r1 ultimate . before i had noctua u12se ippc fan and was getting with my ryzen 1700 stock 51 to 53 with small fft in prime and with overclocking 3.850 ghz @vcore 1.406 and drop 1.356 llc2 80 to 83 at max today with my cryorig r1 ultimate i get in stock 63 and in overcloking 86 or 87 which should be at least 77 or below u12 i remounted the r1 many times and i changed the thermal paste no differencei donr know what happned please help me i have case haf 912 with 200 m in take and 120 m intake and 200 mm out take and 120 mm out take ambient was 30 to 33 in both tests