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  1. I tried creating a custom resolution for my secondary display (trying to increase the frequency). The test succeeded at 75hz no problem but the Custom Resolution option is not showing up. Any way to fix this? https://youtu.be/bMF4S92j5eg
  2. I'm planning to change my case to the Lian Li o11 Dynamic Razer Edition and I just want to ask if does the RGB is working on Synapse 2. On Lian Li's website it only states Synapse 3. I have Razer mouse and keyboard but I'm only using Synapse 2 because when I last used Synapse 3 a few months ago it has a lot of bugs and the CPU and RAM usage of the program is relatively high. So to anyone who's using Lian Li o11 Dynamic Razer Edition. Have you tried using Synapse 2? Can Synapse 2 detect the RGB strips from the case?
  3. This is on the highest preset. Does this mean I have GPU bottleneck?
  4. I know right? What are you planning on buying?
  5. Good day! I’m planning to upgrade my CPU/Mobo and can’t decide which one to choose. I’m currently using R5 1600 + MSI B350M Bazooka. I’m mostly playing games and streaming once in a while. I’m using NVENC when streaming. Most of the reviews I watched on youtube said that 3700x is better for streaming, is that still the case when you’re using NVENC for encoding? I also always run discord in the background? Will the 3700x be better with multitasking? (ie. Game + discord + streaming(NVENC Encoder)
  6. Which do you think has a better overclocking capability? Which do you think has a better overclocking capability? I’m sorry if I’m being rude. I appreciate that you’re suggesting to use my old motherboard to save some money but I’m repurposing my old pc for my friend. I just want to know which of the two has a better overclocking capability.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I doubt the B350m Bazooka can handle a 3700X I’m also leaning towards the ASUS one. But I’m still waiting for other feedback. Thank you for your input.
  8. MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon + 3700X = ¥63,482($588.34) ASUS TUF Gaming X570 Plus + 3700X = ¥65,102($603.36) I live in Japan and yes, these prices are insane. I’m currently using a Ryzen 5 1600 + MSI B350m Bazooka so flashing the X470 bios is no problem. Just want to know your thoughts about the two motherboards. I most probably not use the PCIE 4.0 and I’m only using a RTX 2070(OG). I want to overclock the chip as much as I can. I’m using a 360 AIO. My main concern is the longevity of the VRMs. So what are your thoughts about these two boards?
  9. Good day! I’m upgrading my PC and buying a new mobo, CPU and case. I planning to go with X570 Gaming Plus and I noticed that there are two types of RGB connectors. I will also buy RGB fans but I don’t know which one to get, a 3 pin rgb fan or 4 pin rgb fan. I want it to be individually addressable not just the static red/green/blue. Thank you in advance!
  10. So my laptop need a dire storage upgrade and I’m planning to get the 250GB SSD on my PC and move it to my laptop. The current setup of my PC is Samsung 850 Evo 250GB = Boot drive Samsung 860 Evo 500GB = Steam Library WD 1TB 7200rpm = Etc library Just want to ask where will I see the most improvement? Using the NVME drive as a boot drive or using it as a steam library? If i use the nvme as a steam library i can use the 500gb ssd as a boot drive and vice versa.
  11. So I just got a kinda "new" monitor to pair with my 27inch one. I want to overclock the refresh rate of the monitor but the custom resolution is not showing up. I already tried 70hz 75hz and 80hz all passed the test. 85hz and above fails the test. I successfully created the custom resolution but it's not showing up to the resolutions that I can use. I already DDU my previous driver and install the latest NVIDIA driver. I need some help. Thanks in advance.
  12. So I have a 27inch 1080p and a 23inch 1080p(vertical mounted) monitors and I’m having difficulty matching the wallpaper because of the pixel density of the monitors. Is there an editing software like this one on windows so it would be easier to make wallpapers on different size screens? Thanks in advance
  13. Good day! A friend of mine asked me If I could install Windows 10 on his old laptop. The processor of his laptop is i7-3610QM. On Intel’s Website it says that the instruction set is 64-bit. But the ram of his laptop is only 4GB. What instruction set should I install? 32-bit or 64-bit?
  14. 2017 Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: Hyper 212x Motherboard: B350M Bazooka GPU: MSI 1060 3GB Aero ITX OC Memory: Corsair Vengence LPX 3,000mhz PSU: Antec 650W 80+ Bronze Storage Boot drive: 250GB Samsung 850 evo Steam Library/Etc: 1 TB Western Digital Blue 7200rpm RGB Components: • Cheap LED Strip w/ Controller 2018 Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: NZXT x72 Motherboard: B350M Bazooka GPU: MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z Memory: Corsair Vengence LPX 3,000mhz W/ EZDIY-FAB RGB Heatsink PSU: Corsair RM650x(2018) 80+ Gold Storage Boot drive: 250GB Samsung 850 evo Steam Library: 500GB Samsung 860 evo Etc: 1 TB Western Digital Blue 7200rpm RGB Components: • NZXT Hue+ • AER RGB Fans • EZFab DIY RGB Ram Heatsinks Other things that i’ve done: • Change the side panel to a full acrylic sheet • Painted PSU Shroud White • Made an extention for the PSU shroud using acrylic sheet to cover HDD cage • Used vertical bracket to mount GPU
  15. I’m just worried that THAT noisy part might damage other components of my PC.
  16. Unfortunately, i just moved to japan and don’t have any friends that has a computer. Most of my friends here are using laptop
  17. Yesterday I noticed that there is some noise when I’m shutting down my PC. I thought it was my GPU because I just recently upgrade from a GTX 1060 to a RTX 2070. But i tried reinstalling my old GPU but got the same result. I’m definitely sure that it’s not from the PSU because I removed the PSU shroud and stick my head into it but when I hear it it’s like on the upper part of the PC (when my head is right beside the PSU). I’m thinking that it’s because of the BIOS update that I did on my Motherboard (I updated the BIOS when I formatted my PC and installed a fresh copy of windows). I’m not sure. Things I did to troubleshoot: - Swapped my GPU - Unplugged my mechanical hard drive - Removed my overclock Haven’t tried rolling back to the previous bios tho. Is this a bad thing? I tried running firestrike for 1 hour and had no problems with it. I’m just concern.
  18. That was my plan weeks ago. But I can’t find 4x4 RGB kit here in Japan.
  19. It will not much have that performance increase because on my use case, max ram usage I saw was 12gb.
  20. Will a DDR3 dim fit? Not sure if they are physically the same. I have some old DDR3 memory that I’m not using.