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  1. Often I have to open my laptops too for cleaning and changing the thermal paste. So I was thinking of ordering this. Is it too much? .
  2. Thanks. And what about the mobo standoffs and rest of the things?
  3. Hi community. I'm looking for a new build in the coming June. So I was wondering what all tools I'm gonna need to build a PC. My planned config is - i5-8600K ASRock Z370 Taichi Cooler Master ML240 RGB AIO cooler G.Skill TridentZ 2x8 GB 3200MHz Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme edition Corsair RM650X 650 W modular Fractal Define Meshify C (or Lian Li PC-O11 Air, if its available) LG 27UD68 4k@60Hz I think I'll need Phillips screwdriver, preferably one with a long shaft( ) but I'm confused what number to get. Most folks recommend the #1 and #2. Please recommend the rest(like for fitting in the mobo standoffs and heatsink) and resolve my confusion. Thanks in advance
  4. You see if I order from Newegg then I would have to pay hefty customs duty. The LG on is available locally here for around INR 35-38k and the local price of the Predator is INR 50k
  5. Actually the Predator XB241HU costs INR 50000 here( around USD 700).
  6. Damn I didn't notice it was TN panel. Now I'm back to the LG one.
  7. Just came across this Samsung UHD monitor This fits comfortably in my budget althought I think its missing that 3 axis adjustment thing. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Yeah that's the issue. I have to look for anything within USD 400. USD 450 is the maximum I can stretch
  9. Well the reason I chose 8400 is that i would only play games on it and nothing else. No productivity, video editing and other stuff. Do you think that i7 is necessary for a gaming rig?
  10. that does look good but sadly it wont ship to my country or even if it does the price would be staggering. I'm limited to brands like LG, Asus, Samsung and some models of Benq to choose from. AOC and Acer are something I would like to avoid(Acer Predator series is good but not affordable for me)
  11. Wow that monitor looks nice but is way over my budget. Thanks for replying though. Looks like G_Sync is way more expensive than I thought
  12. I see. But there are no 144Hz monitors with IPS panels. All I see in TN panels. I think IPS might have a limitation in terms of refresh rate, maybe. I have seen TN and VA monitors, just can't get used to that. IPS is what I need and 60Hz should be fine for now. Maybe upgrade after a couple of years to higher refresh rates should be do able.
  13. Thanks for clearing that up. So should I get a G-Sync monitor as I won't be having above 60Hz and GTX 1080 can pretty much handle above that in 1440p I think.
  14. Thanks. But suppose my GPU is rendering frames at 100Hz or more but I use a 60Hz monitor. Will this cause an issue and will G-Sync benefit me in this? Sorry if my questions are noobish, new to this pc building thing. My planned config is CPU i5 8400 Heatsink Deepcool Gammaxx GT RGB Mobo Asus H370 STRIX RoG GPU Gigabyte GTX 1080 Xtreme Edition RAM Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB 2667MHz Chasis Fractal Define Meshify C TG PSU Corsair RM650-X 650W I forgot to mention, I'll only play games on this rig and I play FPS, RPG, racing and Football simulation games only