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  1. Everything freezes, screen loses signal to the computer, but fans and everything are still on.
  2. This computer starts up, and crashes after few minutes of use. The PSU is less than 6 months old, graphics card is still on and working, CPU is fine, I reinstalled windows. The system stays on when I'm in the bios, and when I reinstalled windows and cleared everything from the hard drive. When it crashes everything stays on, but my monitor says no signal. What could it be? I've tried everything I know.
  3. Nope nothing. Ive also tried different monitors, cables, etc. I just wanna see the BIOS
  4. So this is a minor issue. I have had this PC for about 36 hours and have had many, experiences. I was playing some competitive CS:GO, and all of a sudden I got the BSOD. I wasn't too worried as I knew what to do. But I turned on my PC, my fans and lights turned on, but my monitors didnt. My mouse went from on and off, but mostly off. After waiting for a while, it became apparent it wasn't gonna start. I tried unplugging everything, the power supply, and reconnecting, and it didnt work. My lights and fans turn on, nothing else does. I really cant afford for there to be an issue again as this is a prebuilt system, and the first one had a dead GPU out of box, and I drove 2 hours to the other store that had it in stock, so if y'all have any idea help would be great!