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  1. Hey Linus, Since the advent of flexible screen technology, how come we haven't seen any 360 degree monitors? I know we have vr headsets, that's all fine. But but what if we could have a single screen display that could wrap around the full 360 degrees? Remember the days of Mechwarrior? What if we had the fully rotation gaming chair experience with a full 360 degree display, haptics chair and controls feedback, it would be super immersive. Add to this experience Microsoft holo lens with heads up tactical displays and this would be the killer Mechwarrior gaming experience! I would like to see that video. Hech I would pay to experience it. What say you, up to the challenge?
  2. Yes actually, this flaw as they call it exists in smart TV CPU's as well, not all of them but many
  3. No you are right, we have no privacy, not anymore. I suppose at some point everything is affected. Private Linux kernels too?
  4. This recently identified "Flaw" is not a flaw at all. It is intentional architectural design that allows deep state authorities to spy on anyone they want without accountability. OH, I'm a conspiracy theorist you say? Well, if you go back to the early days of Intel when the P6 architecture was in bloom, Intel processors have serial numbers that can be read by the OS via a bios call! It was called the PSN. It was a huge outrage and the whole pc community was on fire about this tracking issue. So Intel had to come up with an innocuous was to serviel without the users knowing, infact this new method even improved performance so that everyone would want it! Enter branch prediction and shared cache. Sure it was faster and Intel pumped marketing into this "Intel inside" marketing because it was important to deep state to have control over people because they knew if they didn't take control now, technology was going to make control of the masses impossible. All of this at the dawn of the internet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentium_III#Controversy_about_privacy_issues Intel should burn for this. They have conspired at the highest level to enslave us into being sheeple and power their economic future! Cryptography and cryptocurrency are the key to breaking away from the world elites and becoming individual free men. Oddly enough, AMD is not affected by this "flaw". Some Arm processors are vulnerable but not all of them, check out the wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meltdown_(security_vulnerability) If you use an Intel Cpu, you have no privacy! If your data is stored on a cloud server running an Intel cpu, you have no privacy! If you use Apple products, you have no privacy! If your Nas is running on an Intel cpu, you have no privacy. If your router is running on an Arm processor, you may or may not have any privacy! I have just mothballed all of my Intel hardware, bought AMD desktop and laptops, invested in non vulnerable Arm based routers, and if you care about freedom, so should you! Protect yourself, get informed, and be responsible! And if you are a fan of team Red, well, you are on the winning team!
  5. Have you done a virus check?
  6. There is no FIX. It's a software patch, at best its like catching rain in a bag and expecting your whole yard not to get rained on. Intel has screwed us all, and they did it on purpose.
  7. I get that, But the Question is how much performance can this solution really provide? The device states it supports NVME SSD's. Typically m.2 Sata SSD's are cheaper.
  8. Hey Linus, So i found this product on Amazon and was intrigued by its configuration offerings. Any chance you could do a review of this type of upgrade/configuration for Not exactly brand new computers? Here is the link to the device i was referring to. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D2PXV50/ref=twister_B01MU1ZG6O?_encoding=UTF8&th=1 I was interested in the fact that not all motherboards have m.2 and if i added this to my computer would i be able to see performance gains even close to a new motherboard? I am Currently running and AMD FX6300 Six Core, 32GB DDR3-1600Mhz Memory, 128Gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD and a couple of SATA disks in RAID 0 on an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 BIOS 2701 Motherboard with a Workhorse GIgabyte Radeon HD7970 OC 3GB GPU. Does this design even have the capability of accessing data at full m.2 speeds?