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  1. Any recommendations on that? Not looking to break the bank just yet on a monitor. Still ordering the parts for my build as pay checks come in but the monitor has been the most tricky part to figure out. I mostly play MMO's so I don't need super fast refresh rates I just want smooth and decent colors n such
  2. Perfect guys thank you for quick response. Would a widescreen be possiable with that 1060?
  3. I'm building a new pc(my first) and will be putting a evga GeForce gtx 1060 6g super clocked edition into it. On evga website it says max refreshe rate of 240hz and max resolution 7680x4320 for that card. Now is that accurate or are they just listing the very best marks in tests they have done? My question is for that card what would be a more realistic refresh rate and quailty resolution sweet spot? Thank you
  4. Size range for me would be 24"-27". Don't need any bigger and smaller would make me insane haha. Ty for the reply I'll check those out now daredboi also sorry for noob question but what is VESA exactly
  5. Hello everyone. Iam new to the forums and new to PC world in general. I have read tons of the threads on here about what monitor is best and which ones are better then others and honestly iam more lost then I was before. The amount of choices and specs out there are enough to make you go insane haha. With that said iam looking for a entry lvl monitor. I don't need the best of the best for now. Iam in the process of building my first PC. I can link all the parts I've chosen but will stick to the ones I think are needed for my question. Ryzen 5 1600 Evga GeForce gtx 1060 superclocked edition 16g ripjaws ddr4 3000 iam looking for a monitor that will handle mmo gams well. I've read a lot say that TN are better for games of this nature cause they are more focused on colors and resolution(maybe i read it wrong tho). My budget is 280$usd but can't see the harm in going 300$ haha. If I could keep it around 250$ I'd be happy. The honest truth is iam only looking to play one game right now. Guild wars 2 which I don't think is a FPS dependent game as much as say shooters would be. I don't think I'd need 144hz or greater but also think that limiting myself to 60hz on a comp build I think I can get 80fps solid from would be a shame. Other games will come in the future but for now and the next 6ish months it'll just be the one game. Sorry for such a long post iam really excited for my build tho and this is the last "part" I need to find before I start ordering things. Thank you again if any other info is required or would help let me know I will gladly post. PS not sure if a wide monitor would be better as I've heard they make mmorpg games more immersive