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  1. Sorry I haven't posted back on this. After trying many different solutions I finally went ahead and did a fresh install of windows from a usb. My best guess is I had some corrupt windows files since this seems to have fixed the problem. So if you have the same problem that I did it may be worth trying this. Hopefully someone else can find some useful info in this thread.
  2. First off, thanks for the speedy reply. I followed your instructions and went into adapter settings. The only two things listed there are my ethernet and wifi connections. Here's a screenshot. Although the wifi connection has an x on it I've tested it and it works fine as well. Also the internet icon at the bottom right of my screen isn't quite what you described, I've attached a picture of it as well.
  3. So about a week or two ago I rebuilt my old outdated pc. Upgraded to a 3600x with B450 tomahawk max and a 5700xt. Apart from a few driver issues things worked great. Today however xbox live couldn't connect properly so I restarted. The PC took a lot of time logging into my account which is odd since I'm on an SSD, and once it did it completely spazzed out. Flashing taskbar and other anomalies. I tried using windows repair to fix this but it failed so I just went ahead and reset win10. Now I've fixed the initial issue but I still have another problem. Windows 10 says it doesn't have an internet connection. Even though I can use the internet just fine. I can clearly see both an ethernet connection and a wifi connection(from my plugin usb wifi adapter). Because of this problem I cannot login on any Microsoft accounts or update windows. I've tried installing the lan driver from MSI's website but it proved ineffective. Like I said, the internet works fine but anything Microsoft tells me that it isn't connected. I'm kinda at a loss here, was going to create a win10 usb stick and do a complete wipe but even that won't download for me. EDIT: I have tried disabling/reenabling and uninstalling/reinstalling the network adapter but I don't believe this is the issue as neither ethernet nor wifi are properly detected. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried a few fixes but nothing has worked at all yet. Is this a motherboard issue or something else? Thanks again.
  4. Alright, I've browsed through the forum and through youtube a bit but haven't found a clear understanding of what I need to do in my current situation. Currently I have a 1tb HDD with windows 10 and all my other stuff installed on it. I recently purchased a 250GB SSD to put my OS and a few other programs/games on. Would it be best for me to migrate my OS to the SSD or should I go ahead and do a clean install on it? After that do I need to wipe my HDD of everything to uninstall windows? Another question is that when I first got my computer I got it with a Win7 installation disk and later upgraded to Win10 so how should I go about installing Win10 onto the SSD? Advice and tips would be much appreciated as this is my first time doing something like this. Thanks for the help.
  5. So recently I reset my pc do to some of my windows system files being apparently corrupted and keeping windows from updating. Before the reset I had audio playing out both my speakers and my headphones but after the windows reset I can no longer do this. I don't remember exactly how I had it set up before but I guess it just kinda worked. I must instead plug my speakers into the green audio port in the back of the computer and my headset into the front audio jacks(one for mic, one for audio). Probably a stupid question as I'm clearly missing something. Which audio ports should I plug stuff into? The green audio jack in the back appears to be the only one that outputs audio other then the front jacks. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Sorry guys, was just a driver problem. Apparently there's no delete option for forum threads though. Sorry again.