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    Computers, video games, and not much else
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    8GB DDR$ @ 2400MHz
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    1050ti Mobile
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    HP Omen Chasis
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    120GB SATA SSD, 1TB 7200RPM HDD
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    HP Omen Chasis Display
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    Windows 10

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  1. 2SidedPolygon

    Control 2 windows at one?

    As far as I'm aware, Windows is not capable of this.
  2. That's your fans revving up at the high temperatures and slowing down at the low ones. If you don't like it, you can adjust the fan curve to be a bit more aggressive.
  3. 2SidedPolygon

    Looking for an appropriate CPU

    A 2600 or 2700 would be good options, but Ryzen 3000 was just announced, so wait for that launch.
  4. 2SidedPolygon

    Screen share/mirroring?

    You'd need some variety of software for this to work. TeamViewer would probably be your best choice.
  5. 2SidedPolygon

    Laptop Framerate Issues

    What resolution/settings are you running at? It's not like that's the world's most powerful GPU.
  6. 2SidedPolygon

    you guys think this a good PC

    Looks good, but wait for Ryzen 3000 as that'll give you more options and shift pricing in your favor.
  7. That or outdated software perhaps?
  8. Currently, yes, but in my experience even when I used to live in a larger town it was at least around the 100 mark.
  9. 2SidedPolygon

    Trying to go wireless, good or bad?

    No suggestions here, but as a casual gamer, I can say that I've found no issues with a wireless mouse.
  10. Risky business, not much profit. If you want to make money with computers, your best bet is repair. I'm 15 and have decent money repairing computers in my neighborhood, and depending on where you live you might be able to get a lot of business. Repair often costs hundreds of dollars that people don't want to pay, so, as a teenager, you can just get in there at a really low price and fix all the computers people don't want to cough up a couple Benjamins for.
  11. 2SidedPolygon

    Need to give a lecture about processing

    Talk about things like the evolution of CPU architecture (For example Zen 2's chiplet design), the move from the push for higher clock speeds to higher core counts, Microsoft's DXR API, etc. I think it's best to give the sort of perspective of somebody who's into hardware, not necessarily computers science. In my mind, there's no need to get into ALUs and low-level architecture, as it's simply not relevant to the vast, vast majority of people. Nobody really needs to know their ripple carry from carry-lookahead. And also, consider the fact that you're at a software company. Talk about how the different advantages of various processors affect performance in various applications, and how a developer might be able to optimize for that or make choices based on it. I mean, I'm no software expert so I can't give you much of a rundown on just how to go about that, but you get the idea.
  12. 2SidedPolygon

    Graphics card and cpu not performing as they used to

    If you've noticed framerates that are inconsistent then that could be a sign of throttling (But I doubt that's the issue considering the relative newness of those components), but if you're running lower than you were before stably, then it's likely that you have an issue with insufficient power delivery or background task(s). Also, was this issue abrupt or did you notice it happening gradually? If abrupt, can you remember doing absolutely anything out of the ordinary before it started?
  13. 2SidedPolygon

    EVGA GTX Geforce 6gb 1060 6 to 8 pin adapter question

    Feels a little sketchy, but I imagine it'll at least work as a makeshift solution.
  14. 2SidedPolygon

    Advise on getting a second monitor for a all jn one setup

    Honestly, even if you get a monitor that looks a bit different you'll get used to it quick.
  15. Oh, silly me. I have an Nvidia laptop so that's just my first instinct. What about the AMD equivalent?