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  1. so correct me if im wrong, i plug this GLC-T into the SFP+ (10GB/s) socket and this will output RJ45 (1Gb/S)?
  2. Hi, This is my first post. In my company we are working on a new technique which i will not go in to. The data will be exposed over a 10Gbit DA/SFP+ (active copper) connection (vendor-less) but the actual data throughput will remain around 1Gbit/s. FYI there is no server/switch or any networking equipement involved. We need to convert this SFP+ connector to a more common (preferably RJ45 or 1Gbit/s SFP) connector. We are aware of the speed difference but maybe somehow you can suggest something to get around that. From what i found online is that it is possible but the equipment selection is quite vague. Can you guys help me?