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  1. went with d10 and liquid spark with a pair of hifiman xxs...ended up having to buy a new mic, which i got a blue yeti...and i can't get mic monitoring/side tone to work with it and its killing me.
  2. yeah, and i know nothing so i take everything i hear with a grain of salt and start researching the keywords, which is a huge help because my unconscious incompetence makes it very difficult to ask questions of things i don't know exist. anything you think is useful to research is something i'll look into...
  3. "But honestly you don't need that good a headphones for gaming. You won't play any better with 1500$ cans than with 150$ ones." This is the entire point, I want the best sound, i get to play on the computer for a few weeks a year. I don't want to use $200 headphones when the sound experience could be so much better if i spent $500. The $300 is not relevant to me, and my time spent has way more value than the saved dollars that I don't care about. Unfortunately I cannot spend $1000-$2000+ on headphones (this year) so my budget is around $500. I've had many cheap headphones and when i bought the a40s the change was insane, i was so happy i spent the extra money and bought them, but now i am here again...last year i spent $2000 on my car stereo and this year i wish i could spend $2000 on my computer audio but i've got like $500-600 to spend on audio so thats what im looking for.
  4. I am looking for a new headset as my a40s have come to the end of their life. worn, old, things are breaking and they are 6 years old. Well, i keep searching the internet but i keep finding "budget" "cheap" "value" $100-200 headphones...I don't want "budget" "cheap" "value" $100-200 headphones...I want to spend $500-600 on a pair of very good headphones. I have a crosshair vi hero, if the sound on this motherboard is not good enough i will buy what i need to make them work. these are strictly used for gaming, no movies, no music. i have alternative sound options for these things...however, just because they are for gaming i want the best reasonably priced sound option...i don't want a good $200 headset, i want a great $500 headset if that exists.
  5. So with the new 1180s being released and the MSRP says $699. How exactly do I purchase a card for $699? To be specific, I have $699. The 1180 is $699. What where when how do I do this. Thanks!