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  1. Thanks JustAnotherTechGuy99. I see where you might have been confused with my first question. You actually nailed it with issue #2. I will also have to check out Elementary OS
  2. Alright this is a two part question. So first Does anybody know of a software that would update any ISO's you have on a removable drive so they don't get outdated. Been running into this lately where i will have an iso for example ubuntu 17.x.x on my external hdd and i need to use it only to realize there is a 19.x.x out in the wild. Second part is does anybody know where i can either get a mac os iso or a Virtual box already set up. i'm wanting to get it so i can play around with mac and start to understand it better before i get out of college and go into the education sector. Any Help would Be appreciated.
  3. something else i just thought off i'm assuming i'm going to need to be able to access the admin console for both routers right?
  4. i have another router laying around and i have never bridged a router before but good old google will come to my rescue, right after this match of cs:go
  5. Hello, so i am having a problem with steam. I will start downloading a game it will download a mb or two of the game then all of a sudden it wont download anymore of the game and it will say 0/0 bytes downloaded. the only "fix" i have discovered is that i have to power down my router for 10 seconds then power it back up, then it will download everything i have queued. But once i add something to the queue the same issue will happen. And yes i have contacted steam and they were about as helpful as a plastic toy hammer. they where telling me to check the firewall and stuff and i had already tried that. Thanks for the help P.S just so you know i have mediacom P.P.S If i tether my data connection from my phone to my computer it will download without a hitch.
  6. So I'm am going to college, Morrision Institute of technology or MIT , to study to be a network administrator, I wish to either work for a school or a hospital. I am just wanting to know if you guys have any tips for me, besides cybrary, which I'm already apart of.
  7. thank you for the info secguy. Also just know thought about it but what about an all in one ut if i did that i would have to get a ups right unless there was an outlet nearby
  8. size doesn't really matter to me.i just need it to be portable enough to fit in a backpack or a carrying case. it can take up the whole pack if need be. i just want something that i can carry around in a backpack so its portable but you do not lose the functionality of a desktop.
  9. Hello i am new to this Forum so i don't know if this is the right place to post this but here i go. So i am looking to get a new computer. i have never built one before so i dont know what im doing. I am wanting a computer that is fast enough to run most games. but i need it to be semi portable because i am also going to use it in college next year, on that note i need it to either come with a battery or buy a portable ups or something to use with it for around 5 hours or more. i am willing to spend up to 800 USD on such a system. Any Help Would Be appreciated. Non important info, but i am wanting to go into the field of computer administration and i don't know what to call it but i am wanting to be a school district it/admin/computer teacher and any advice for that would also be appreciated