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    New Hampshire
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  • CPU
    10600k stock
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF Gaming Z490 Plus (WiFi)
  • RAM
    2x8gb HyperX Fury 3200 MHz 15-18-18-34
  • GPU
    Asus 1070 (upgrading to 3080)
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclipse P400a Digital (Black)
  • Storage
    1x 500gb Samsung 860 Evo
    1x 960gb Sandisk SSD Plus
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x
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    What is a phone?

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  1. For the most part, but it can be important in constrictive cases as well.
  2. I would mount the rad as top exhaust. QL140 fans are bad in this case because they have a low static pressure (less than half than that of some other Corsair fans), so they will have difficulty forcing air through the rad.
  3. I would wait until Black Friday. I doubt 5000 series will actually be on sale so close to release, but who knows. We expect a huge performance bump. It won't be a long wait, they are releasing on November 5th. I meant a single 1TB Evo, since 1TB is a ton of NVME storage as is, so I would suggest any other SSD you buy be SATA. If you were to buy a second NVME drive, I would get another 1TB Evo and put them in RAID 0 (if you don't mind the risks associated with RAID 0)
  4. Damn. Guess you could buy one and return it if you aren't satisfied with it. Not sure there's anything else you could really do in that case.
  5. If you have a friend/family member with a 144/240hz monitor, ask them if you can borrow it to test how it feels. If not, see if a local shop will let you test one out.
  6. Not so sure about that one bud. That's what I would suggest for a 3080. 600w is stretching it for a 3070, but might work out.
  7. Might just be that your monitor is 75Hz. What framerates are you getting with free sync off? Anything higher than 75fps would indicate that your monitor is bottlenecking your system (and I suspect this is the case)
  8. Absolutely i) It is balanced. ii) Wait for 5000 series, 3900X/5900X would be good for your application, but you could drop it to a Ryzen 7 (although I wouldn't do this if you can afford the Ryzen 9) iii) Drop the 500GB Evo and use the 1TB Evo as your boot drive. Damn, didn't know they made monitors that fast.
  9. Doesn't really make much of a difference. Just get any 3080 you can find in stock at this point.
  10. That one's really good. Might even want to look at some cheaper Mobos if you aren't planning on overclocking your CPU heavily.
  11. They cancelled the 3070ti but are still making the 3060ti according to this brief article.
  12. As far as we can tell, AMD does not have plans to release a new chipset any time soon. That is what I would recommend for a 5900x. Just make sure you get one with a sufficient VRM/VRM cooling. Take a look at the Motherboard VRM Tier List
  13. Price should drop slightly, but it might take a while. The first major drop off in price usually happens 1-2 months after new CPUs become available. GPU and Mobo don't really matter. As long as the mobo has a recent enough PCIe revision to avoid bottlenecking, that pairing doesn't matter. CPU/Mobo is much more important, and for R5, B550 will be perfectly fine.