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  1. killerspec

    Cheap game build

    Guys thanks a million for all your help. Firewrath cheap ass is all I can afford for now so all these builds are perfect for my needs
  2. killerspec

    Cheap game build

    Thanks a million I am going to change the power supply so that I have ample power when upgrading at a later point.
  3. killerspec

    Cheap game build

    I am looking to build a desktop system I have a case (actually 3 cases not sure why people keep getting them for me for my birthday) the one I wanna use is the carbide series 200r and I have a dell E228wfp monitor(Yeah I know old as hell) I am in Ireland and would like to spend around €600 for the build as I am a masters student and well broke as hell. Any suggestions would be awesome. Oh I forgot I am an avid World of tanks player if that helps any.
  4. killerspec

    Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??

    Spec: Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 CPU Intel Core i5 (3rd Gen) 3210M / 2.5 GHz Max Turbo Speed 3.1 GHz Number of Cores Dual-Core Cache 3 MB Chipset Type Mobile Intel HM76 Express Features Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, integrated memory controller Memory Speed 1600 MHz Memory Specification Compliance PC3-12800 Configuration Features 2 x 4 GB Technology DDR3 SDRAM Installed Size 8 GB Rated Memory Speed 1600 MHz OK I know my system is a lot older than most of builds you all see here but I am a student and I bought the laptop from an ex-class mate, €50 which I think was well worth it. I don't have cash to upgrade right now as I am doing my masters in software design and tbh the system as it stands does the work I need it for and when it comes to more intensive workload I have access to the game development pc's in college. Right now to my question I am an avid World of Tanks player (I suck but love the game) I am wondering if there is any second hand options to help me get more fps and maybe a little better quality in my game experience that WON'T set me back more then €75 as that is what I have hidden away from my wife. Kind regards Killerspec
  5. killerspec

    Honors degree student thesis survey

    Hi all I am an honors degree student doing my thesis on passwords and password security at the Athlone institute of technology in Ireland. I am looking for people to complete a short 1 minute survey for me and thought of you lot. There is no personal details in the survey that can lead back to respondents and no account needed to complete this survey. Again it is a 1 minute survey that I am aiming for 5000 respondents so if you can find the time I would appreciate the help. It can be found at www.bit.ly/SurveyProject4 Kind regards Matthew
  6. killerspec

    W510 upgrade

    Well if that is the case then this system is only using two cores at present. Didnt know it was a quad core cpu cause I can only see two on my conky info where as the exact same script shows the 4 that I have on my other system
  7. killerspec

    W510 upgrade

    I was just using Libre Office as an example even if I stop all processes from running in the background that are not vital the CPUs still run at around 100% and then slowly come down to around 82% while the video is running I have reverted to grabbing the Youtube url, closing the web browser and watching it in Gnome-Video (I think that is the applications name) I have run several browsers and firefox seems to be the lesser of all evils when it comes to this issue. I just figured that A: the processor being dual core and a little older is not able to handle the newer browser not to mention new browser with youtube. I have ordered the chip from a friend in Malaysia but just wondering about heat issues at this point as the system i really like and would rather upgrade then toss out if you get me.
  8. killerspec

    W510 upgrade

    Ok lets get this out the way from the get go yes I know it is old hardware and yes I know it was made in 2009 but I own it and want to make the best of it while it lasts. A friend gave me his old Thinkpad W510 with a i7-720QM and 12GB of ram. It had windows 10 grinding away in it which for the processor was way to resource intensive so I stripped the system cleaned out the hard drive and installed Bunsenlabs (Ex CrunchBang #!) on to it and have been tapping away at the keyboard like the diligent student I am. Fast forward a few weeks the system is doing right by me for all intense purposes UNTIL I load up a web browser and load a Linus tech tip video. This is where my problem starts the i7-720QM is dual core and lags madly if I have Libre Office word open and web browser for example. So now I have researched and found that I can install the i7-940XM on to this board but I am wondering about heat issues. Can anyone point me in the right direction of an upgraded heat sink that will fit into this sleek yet bulky brick as I kind of fallen for its charm (Basically means I am broke at the moment and trying to get a better system for cheap price). Kind regards Killer