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  1. Thank you! I will try it tomorrow at work. I assume security will be similar on the windows 10 vs windows 7
  2. do you know if I can set up the macro and g hub on my personal computer, and then just run it on a different one without needing to download the g hub or anything else?
  3. I don't know much about the python side. my only experience was something like pyautogui but I stopped doing it when it got weird... I do have an mx master 25, never knew I could run a lua script. I'll look into it... My only knowledge of lua was the one Taran vid from a while back. Thank you!!
  4. ^^ basically all I need, but I'll explain why I need it too. So at my work, there is a task that needs done, but it'd be a huge waste of company time for anyone to be assigned. It would to just open each file in the going out of commission system, and doing save as to a new file so we can move it over to windows 10. If this were my own computer, I know I could just record a macro with something like ghost mouse, and then just run that indefinitely. I doubt security would let that kind of program go in... I thought I'd ask, I appreciate you all taking the time to read and any input.
  5. it was like for a card that you can use online so people don't know your real details