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  1. I'm in a similar position. Running a 1080ti with a intel 6500 on a z170 board, ready to upgrade CPU + motherboard to Ryzen. Am I able to just switch mobo + CPU and be good to go? Didn't wanna make another thread, thanks!
  2. The controller just plugs into sata data. The fans plug into the controller and into 4pin fan headers on MOBO
  3. purchased the corsair HD120mm (3pack) and comes wit a fan controller of some sort. I've wired it all up to find that I can only control it with the 3 buttons included (speed, color, mode).. what can I do to make the fans run through iCue, 1750RPM is much to loud, Thanks!
  4. Hey, So I have a 2TB HDD which has about 30gb of space left. I need to transfer all my steam library to my new drive but the current drive struggles to reach 20MB/s and will take forever. is there a better way to transfer saves and reinstall the games? as games are, there are saves in all different locations and itll be to tedious to find data, transfer save, install game, test save, delete original save from old HDD. Thanks!
  5. I am not sure if it's my connection or my drive that's causing awfully slow speeds. My download speed is peaking 11.4mb/s but I seems to always be waiting for everything to load.. chrome/steam/.. I ran this test but I qm unfamiliar with the terms it's using, can anyone help? Thanks!
  6. Actually on windows 7 You could always try EVGA precision boost?
  7. I will be doing purely screen recording. Possibly face cam later down the track. Are there many cameras with the same aspect/resolution out of interest?
  8. May not be any help but I imagine it's better than nothing. Mine does the exact same but with overclocking, not under.. its fine until I am ingame and it says I havent overclocked but a simple alt tab and checking msi afterburner infact says it's overclocked, I think it may be bugged, good luck
  9. I plan on starting a youtube channel very soon and I am wanting to get an ultrawide (2560x1080). Will this be a problem for uploading 1920x1080 and below resolutions because of black borders? How do I prevent borders if I can use ultrawide? I really have no knowledge so any is appreciated on these questions or further detail I should be considering for youtube on ultrawides!
  10. Thank you for the info, I am aware it's not GYSNC and that's quite alright as I'm going to be using atleast a 1070ti. If 250 peak is plenty I'll think I'll go for the purchase
  11. I am looking at purchasing the monitor in the in the link, it sounds like an excellent monitor at the price point considering others with similar are 20% more expensive. The concern I have is the 250nit peak brightness for gaming, should I be concerned with this? Or is there others I am better off considering. I am happy with 32inch and I also use GSYNC so that would be good in the price range. TL:DR 250nit brightness enough for gaming? Thanks for any information you can give, Insanity. 34" UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor 34UC79G https://www.harveynorman.com.au/lg-34-ultrawide-curved-ips-gaming-monitor.html
  12. Hey, I have Marley XL heaphones/headset and it only has 1x 3.5mm male wire for both mic and audio, i need to use them in a pc that has mic and audio as separate front i/o ports... splitter doesn't work, can give more info if needed, been stuck on this for so long! Thanks so much in advance!!!!!
  13. I have a set of Marley XL headphones and it has 1x male trrs 3.5mm jack (one with 3 bands) and ive spent probably 4 hours a day for the past week to get the mic to work without success in my desktop. Drivers are up to date uses realtek which is awful (idk what else to do there) windows is up to date pc ports are plugged in mic works on mobile devices I purchased a 4 pole socket to 2 x 3.5mm plug splitter to attempt to solve this without luck. Tried every combo with case ports, rear i/o ports you name it. can confirm audio does pass through the splitter. ask if you need more details, will do what I can.. I imagine theres plenty of people in need of help looking through the web, thanks heaps in advance (sorry in a rush and may be unable to reply for approx 8 hours).
  14. Sounds like your PSU may be failing but that doesnt account for your fans ramping up. I suggest going over the basics like reinstall drivers, try another benchmark like haven while watching MSI afterburner stats to see if you can spot the problem.