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  1. I am a software developer , primarily working with C#, dotnet and Visual Studio 2019 with extensions like Resharper enabled. Visual Studio with Resharper is a memory hog! I currently have the following PC at home where I do my development work : CPU - Ryzen 7 2700x RAM - 2 x 16 gb 3000Mhz Storage - 512 GB SSD - WD Blue Motherboard - Asus Rog Strix B350M-i Gaming GPU - Gigabyte GeForce Windforce GTX1080 8GB OS: Win 10 Pro With a few Firefox windows, and few instances of Visual Studio debugging docker containers I hit CPU utilization 100% and memory utilization 100% for 3-4 minutes. ? The machine came to a crawling speed, even mouse wasn't moving smoothly. Also build-compile-debug-run tests could do with faster speeds... not good for productivity when I sit idle and watch build progress!! I would like to enable auto run unit tests on every code change save. To ensure I haven't broken anything and have rapid feedback loop. I can't run this effectively now because it slows down build-compile-run-test flow. ( I am also thinking of upgrading to 64GB RAM ) I am looking for an answer to the question --> Does Visual Studio build/compile/debug/ run test workflow benefit from Multicore CPUs or benefit from higher single core clock speeds ? ? Seeing results of https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html , how does these scores interpret/mean for workflow like mine ? Ryzen 7 2700x has a score of 16,927. Ryzen 9 3900x has a score of 31943 ( almost twice the score ) Ryzen 9 3950x has a score of 35702 ( more than double of 2700x, and around 11% mroe than 3900x) Ryzen 9 3950x is 50% costlier than Ryzen 9 3900x , but the performance CPU Benchmark scores only a 11% increase. Is that synthetic score not relevant for my workflow ? Would having 8 extra cores ( as compared to 3900x ) is going to help me a lot ? So would this mean if my build/compile takes around 60s now, getting a ryzen 3900x would make it near 30s? Right now I have a SATA SSD Western Digital Blue, Would getting an NVME SSD help? Thanks in advance people!!
  2. Good morning guys. I need advice and help. I have a Desktop PC with Windows 10 pro installed. CPU:Ryzen 2700x RAM: 32 gb (2x16) RAM HDD: 500gb WD Blue SSD as the primary OS boot drive Graphics:Geforce GTX1080 graphics card Motherboard : ASUS ROG STRIX B350-I GAMING I use Bitdefender Total Security 2019 for protection. I was trying to upgrade to BitDefender Total Security 2020 , downloaded the installer from their site. Double clicking it would not do anything... the mouse button would indicate some background processing is on, but no popups comes up... So the next step I tried was to try uninstall 2019 version and try reinstalling 2020 version. To do this, I clicked on uninstall 2019 from Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program. However by mistake, I ended up selecting the option "Reinstall Bitdefender with saved settings" , the system continued to reinstall Bitdefender and then after few minute it was ready for a reboot. I gave it a reboot, but strange enough the PC wouldn't POST after that. Here's where my pain starts... The PC power LED was on showing it powered on, but after waiting for few min didn't see any POST. [ I can see the CPU Fan moving, RGB lights on both on my Wraith PRISM Cooler and motherboard ] Pushed the power button to turn the pc off, and turned it on again. No POST after few min. [ RGB lights on cooler and Mobo as above] Pushed the power button for 5 sec to hard shutdown, and then turned it on again , no POST. [ RGB lights on cooler and Mobo as above] Shut it down, unplugged the power cable and waited 2-3 min and then plugged back the cable and powered on the PC , no POST. [ RGB lights on cooler and Mobo as above]. Again turned off the PC, unplugged it and went for dinner.. came back after an hour or so and tried plugging it back on, powered it on, no POST.. [ RGB lights on cooler and Mobo as above]. At this point I am think, either my CPU is toasted or my motherboard is... I wake up today morning ( 7-8 hours later ) , and thought before I go the PC repair shop, let me try powering it on. I did. Powered it on, and wow there's a POST screen now. This may be due to the previous POST attempt failing because of system instability, or if the power button was held in to force the system off. If the system failed to POST after you made changes to UEFI settings, you may wish to revert to stable settings to prevent POST failure. (Ignore the keyboard not detected message as I unplugged my keyboard and put it on a secondary laptop ) Here's a screenshot of the POST screen My Question is , is it safe to to reset and login to windows ? What could have caused this ?
  3. Hi Guys, Hello from Sydney! I have waited long to get back into the PC Gaming scene, and right now looks to be the right time. I have some cash to burn, and Linustechtips looks like a nice place to get my fix. I am a software developer by profession, and I am tired of playing mobile games in small screen. I crave the days the Serious Sam, 2nd encounter, COD 1, Company of Heroes, Pirates! , Age of Empires, Wolfenstein hahaha .. See you all around soon guys.