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  1. Rozz21

    Upgrading my headgear

    So i had these Logitech "Gaming" headphones for 3 years. They are crappy, but were very cheap. Now i'd like to upgrade it to something better, but not any gaming headphones anymore. I looked for HD 559 and HD 599, which both cost around 100-150 euros (my budget). The main thing i do is gaming and listening music. If there are better headphones for a better price that would be good as well. The point that i am trying to get to is, that i want to upgrade my crappy headphones to something premium, but at the same time affordable price. I apologize for my bad english.
  2. Rozz21

    Which one is the better?

    Logitech G502 Proteus Core or Logitech G403 Prodigy
  3. Rozz21

    Keyboard leyout

    Yea that does matter for me. But thank you!
  4. Rozz21

    Keyboard leyout

    but is it possible when i change the language preference to Estonia in computer. And then will it work like Estonian keyboard?
  5. Rozz21

    Keyboard leyout

    Yes i have ISO keyboard. So should i buy the North American one?
  6. Rozz21

    Keyboard leyout

    I personally use a Estonian keyboard. I want buy a mechanical keyboard, but which do choose? Do i have to buy NA version or ND? And can somebody explain me what the NA means, I'm sure that ND stands for NORDIC. And which one do i have to choose for the same feeling and same layout.