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  1. I want the thinner from factor rather than the Asus Tuf that has the same specs but a 120hz display instead.
  2. I want to get an L340, but it only has a mere 60hz display. How can I find a 120hz display that works with this laptop, allowing me to adjust the brightness, or is there even one?
  3. How about Kinguin, same thing?
  4. I've heard about this website from a couple of youtubers and was wondering how they manage to find $14 Windows Pro OEM Keys. Kinguin also does this but for twice the price and I understand how they manage to find cheap Windows Keys. If it isn't from another region, like the way Kinguin does it, then is SCDKey stealing OEM Keys from Microsoft?
  5. I am interested in the Acer Aspire E 15 and will want to add an m.2 ssd to it for faster boot times, but I don’t know how to do it. Is there some sort of program I can use to transfer an OS?
  6. Do you know any displays that has support for these three color spaces?
  7. Is it better than Adobe RGB?
  8. Is there any benefits of P3 over Adobe RGB and sRGB?
  9. I remember from Linus's video on his editor's tour that the monitor have support for sRGB, AdobeRGB, and DCI. The last one I don't understand and can't seem to find any articles telling me what it is? Can someone help tell me please?
  10. No the link of the correct image, or you just googled up an image.
  11. So the image on amazon is incorrect?