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  1. would a 2070 and i7-7700k be ideal for 1080p 144hz maxed/ultra? as for cost, again i dont wanna spend too much but i really just wanna upgrade the GPU and monitors as of now
  2. Not yet but I do wanna decide if i wanna get 1 1080p 144hz monitor and 1 4k monitor for a dual setup or both 1080p 144hz. So yeah
  3. Hello I've had my PC built since 2017 and I am interested in upgrading to a setup focused on 4k gaming or 1080p 144hz maxed settings Here is my current PC setup/build: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Kyuneki/saved/7jjFTW If there's any notable setups or things to upgrade to for 4k 60hz/1080p 144hz maxed settings, I would really appreciate it!
  4. My friend is new to PC gaming and he is interested in doing 4k Gaming His budget is 2000$ What would be the best build for him if he wants to do 4k gaming?
  5. I use an i5-7600k. So does this mean I should ditch intel now
  6. I took somewhat of a hiatus from I guess the world of PC building, specs, and all that. Now I'm interested in going back to it. Is there any good videos you guys can recommend that can refresh my memory and get me back into the swing of things? There is so much I forgot about and it really sucks
  7. So if my monitor has both hdmi and displayport, can i use them at the same time? I wanna use it to switch between my ps4 and my pc sometimes
  8. Now judging from the title, the winner is gonna be a no brainer but here me out. So my older brother is gonna get the XS Max and give me his iPhone X for free. My samsung s7 edge has been a really bad experience sadly. The Google Pixel 3 XL is a week away & I'm trying to decide if: I should get the iPhone X for free but then that means I switch to iOS I should get the Google Pixel 3 XL and go from Touchwiz to stock android but I'll have to pay by my own money & money has been extremely tight for me as of lately Can anyone help me out? I wanna be convinced to stay on android but i'm just not sure if I should or get the iPhone X & wait a few years for something crazy
  9. My SSD is already filled up & tbh I don't know how it got so filled up. I haven't really put much downloads here as much as my other hard drive Does anyone know a good way to clean out your ssd/hard drive? (this is the main one that I've installed windows in btw)
  10. DS4windows is working fine but i do not know how to setup the controller to dolphin properly
  11. So after 3 months I set up my pc again. However one issue is that my speakers even at 100% volume, they are EXTREMELY quiet. What is wrong here? Did I plug them in wrong? because I remember them being really loud (They are the Logitech Z213)
  12. ok so I am very new to this but 1. Would importing something like the avengers oneplus 6 edition be difficult to do? 2. Removing the bloatware shouldn't be difficult right for an international phone? 3. Can I still root this phone like a normal US version android phone