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  1. I was playing a game and suddenly the pc gave a blue screen. I restarted it via the power button and my mouse and keyboard were not being detected. I went into the bios and changed the "xHCI" setting to disabled (this decision came based upon a forum reply to someone who was having the same issue) and the peripherals started working again. But now the wifi adapter and ethernet were both not working as I stated before(code 10). To answer your question, no other drivers are presenting an issue and I have already reinstalled Windows 3 times so I have no idea what the issue may be. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. I have done what you said about 3-4 times in the past but still nothing. Here is the driver that has the problem maybe you can help.
  3. I have already uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them about 3-4 times now.I have also clean reset my pc about 2 times but I just can't seem to get the drivers working. The photo underneath is the driver that I am having problems with.
  4. Hello I was wondering since I dont have any internet connections to my main computer because all the drivers are broken idk how to fix them.(code 10) with my ethernet drivers and my internet drivers arent even showing up. So i was just wondering if I bought a usb to ethernet adpater would actually provide me ethernet. Specs; motherboard: asus rampage v extreme gpu: rx 580 cpu: i7 5820k ram:16gb ddr4 2400mhz
  5. Hello I wanted to buy an USB to Ethernet Adapter because 1) my ethernet drivers on my pc don't work and 2) I have very unstable internet which falls off during gaming sessions and online lessons.But I am not sure if the USB to Ethernet Adapter will actually work on my pc since the ethernet drivers don't work, anyways I just wanted some information about if it will work or not. SPECS: asus x99 rampage V extreme u/3.1 motherboard ROG RX580 8gb 16gb ddr4 ram I7 5820k cpu
  6. Windows would boot up but none of the devices were working.Three days later I went into bios and then disabled Intel x-Hci mode or something like that and that solved the problem of none of the devices working. I'm sorry the answer is a little late I was very busy and forgot about this
  7. What is Nuking windows?
  8. Approximately a week ago my computer broke down and wouldn´t open.I fixed that problem but when I had fixed the problem and i booted into windows I had no internet connection.I tried with ethernet but the driver showed (Code 10).Now I am stuck with using my phone for internet and getting really bad speeds. I downloaded the drivers for the 3t3r but nothing seemed to work. specs: MB: rampage V extreme x99 u/3.1 GPU:RX 580 8gb CPU: I7 5820k RAM: 16gb corsair vengeance
  9. By using the BIOS flash feature on the motherboard, I can get into the BIOS (so keyboard input is impossible atm) and then the peripherals start working. But when I save changes and boot into windows they do not work anymore so I think you are right and it is a Windows issue.
  10. The PC was bought about 2 months ago and has been working perfectly until now (including all the usb ports). Yes the motherboard does have ps2 ports but unfortunately I do not have a keyboard or a mouse with ps2.
  11. Hello Today while i was playing a game my computer crashed and showed a bluescreen after that I disconnected everything and connected everything back and I restarded the pc.Everything worked perfectly but the USB ports.None of the USB ports are working and I can use my computer for anything. I contacted the guy I bought the pc from and he told me to update my drivers but I cant because my keyboard and mouse doesnt work, he also told me to buy a USB PCIe card. I dont know if that will work either. So if anyone has a solution pls tell me.
  12. Hey, I have a laptop with the error 'no audio devices found' so there is no sound coming from the speakers. I have a monitor (Asus PA238QR) plugged into my laptop via hdmi. My question is if I can plug in a microphone to the audio jack of the monitor and be able to use discord for example. Thank you in advance.
  13. Sorry I meant to say the Dark Rock 3.
  14. Really? I was thinking the Dark Rock 3, but just wanted to make sure before I make my move. How much do you think the 8700K will go with that cooler? Thank you.