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    GIGABYTE Z170X Gaming 7
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    4x8GB Kingston Fury Red
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    In Win 805
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    Kingston Fury 240GB + WD Red 3TB
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    Superflower Fanless 500W
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    Dell U2412M
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    Custom liquid cooling loop, all EKWB
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  1. After literally two days of scrubbing and brushing the aluminum, here is the result. Day 1 Day 2 The question now is... should I do a clear coat or not... it looks shinier when its bare aluminum.... but with every touch, I am risking to have oxidized fingerprints appearing after a while. My friend who owns the renders station actually hangs out in their own studio Primate where they do audio and video production as well. I have seen two dead hard drives there hanged on the wall saying "Died in the service of Primate". Since I was always overdoing cooling, and I have always actively or passively cooled my own hard drives ... this came to my mind. So why not?
  2. Since data security on a render station is very important and sometimes large files are handled, I wanted to use an HDD cooler enclosure right from the start. The HDD enclosure was a bit dusty, so I wanted to play smart and to wash the heatsink in the dishwasher. Sadly, I discovered that anodization does not like the salts and other chemicals that are going on inside the dishwasher. So there was only one thing to do. Strip the entire anodization to make it look nice again! The cure is dipping the heatsink in potassium hydroxide.... and I do suggest you do this in a well-ventilated room, or outdoors... not like I did! Depending on the aluminum, you are sometimes left with some stains. The chemical the process of anodization remove might have to be perfected with some hand scrubbing. I will post some photos of the finished product in my next post!
  3. Maybe you can convince them to do so after this build is finished. About the cat... Thanks, I know... wait until you see the dog as well. The case comes with a really nice power switch, but a bit poorly sleeved, but that's is not an issue. Just a reason to use the sleeving kit! While i was waiting for the cables from Cablemod to arrive, this was the best i could do with the stock PSU cables.
  4. I think he is doing a lot of that. I just invited him to join the forum so we can expand the subject. Are your Titans liquid cooled? While we wait for the Blender artist to join in, I will post some photos of the case assembly. As I wrote already we are using the Hex Gear R80. So, the package arrived from Hex Gear directly. I initially wanted to build the system in an In Win 303... and mod it... a bit. But then someone came along and said "Baaaaaaaaah! That case is too small!!!!11". So we got a Hex Gear R80. And we have unboxed it. So, you have to assemble the whole case. The installation manual is a bit vague for the case, but anyone with brains can figure it out. Once you start building the case you actually really how brilliant and simple the case is. The, I guess true, modular form of the case makes it very handy for modifications and paint jobs, so the whole Hex Gear case lineup is something that more advanced users would prefer over the boring stuff. My supervisor was satisfied with the work I have done. And now I have the problem of "how to fill up the case". But I guess that will be easy with some water cooling stuff.
  5. Well the rendering is actually done by the three 1080 Tis. A Titan X or Xp would be a better go for this kind of workload.... but that cost a bit more. Maybe a Ryzen would be a better CPU, but the CPU lanes for multi GPU setups are still confusing for me.
  6. Hi, I just want to kick-off a modding/build project worklog here, which will kind of be more than just a worklog. My colleague is a 3D artist, he spends a lot of time working with Blender. The time came when he could invest money in a serious work station with 3x 1080 Ti`s and I will be the person helping him carry out this project. The main point of the project is to compare performance results of 3x 1080 Ti Founders Edition cards sandwiched to each other in a hot summer day, versus a fully liquid cooled solution. It's no secret that he boost frequency of the 1080 depends on the effectiveness of the stock blower, and liquid cooling them would even grant some overclocking headroom. Besides having some fun and building a liquid cooled PC, I hope that this thread will reach people who are new to building render stations, among which I belong as well. This project is supported by: Hex Gear Cablemod G.Skill EKWB and the owner's personal wallet ofc. List of parts that are being used is: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6850K Motherboard: SUPERMICRO C7X99-OCE Graphics Card: 3x Gainward GTX 1080 Ti FE RAM: G.SKILL® TridentZ F4-3200C16Q-32GTZSW PC Case: Hex Gear R80 Power Supply: Silverstone® ST1500-GS I personally feel like the choice of hardware was not the best, referring mostly to the motherboard choice and the PSU as well... but guess that's how it goes when you are doing something new, mistakes occur. I would like if we could debate on the subject of motherboard and CPU choice before i start posting some actual modding work being done.