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  1. Yes I did do a clean os install and updated the chipset drivers. I have not done a memory test and will get to it in the morning. But will doing these tasks fix the errors? I'm also curious on why the errors has been apparent for so long (since I built the PC) and if that relates to the random restarted I've starting getting over the last few days.
  2. I've been getting random restarts on my computer the past few days and i don't know what the problem is. I checked the event viewer and there was a ton of errors that says the same thing most of the time. it said: The machine-default permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {5DC4F9AD-3A2B-4DF4-AC39-3FF5A19FCF4C} and APPID {CE79BC8B-2980-4CA9-9570-6E0BF5B93BF2} to the user DESKTOP-16GOQOI\flamo SID from address LocalHost (Using LRPC) running in the application container Unavailable SID (Unavailable). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool. the error has been happening since i built this computer in august but only recently i only started getting random restarts. Anyone know if this error has any relation to the random restarts and how to fix this error?
  3. Yes I have icx version and I'm pretty sure it's within safe temps as I'm using this for about 3 weeks now no problems. But I want to know what I can use to check the temps, any suggestions?
  4. OK. I'm an idiot. It was there the whole time, I was looking through photos of when I first built this PC and saw the pad sticking out. Just never noticed it...
  5. Is it normal for it to stick out from the sides?
  6. My graphics card has this white thing sticking out of it, I didn't see it until now. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before.
  7. Before I start my build I want to know if this will provide me with good air flow? Two front intake 1 back exaust and one top exaust.
  8. Whats the most stable frequency i can get it to?
  9. Will there be support for 3200 cl16 in the future?
  10. I have the ASRock x370 taichi Mobo and a r7 1700x. Will the trident z rgb be able to reach 3200mhz on this combo?
  11. Are the temperature differences big enough for buying the ftw2 over sc2?
  12. So the ftw2 has slightly faster clock rate and bigger fans? Is that all?