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    Hamburg - Germany


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    Asrock z97x fatality
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    2x 4GB Ballistix Sport DDR3
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Edition
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    NZXT Phantom - White
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    1TB HDD, 250GB SSD
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    580W Bequiet straight power e9
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    Logitech G502 Proteus
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    Logitech z623
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    Windows 10

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  1. Tried it and it didn't help - unsure what even happened to be honest...it worked perfectly for ever and now suddenly its dead
  2. Hey, I have to know if someone experienced the same issue and maybe knows a fix: I unplugged my pc from the wall today for some hours and plugged it back in at some point in the day. Since then my Vega 56 clock speeds are stuck at 26 mhz for the core clock and 500 mhz for the memory clock. Even if I set the stage 7 boost as minimum in the amd driver the game laggs the same as before. Nothing has changed on the pc before so I don't know where this error comes from. I uninstalled the drivers in safemode with DDU, tried 3 diff. drivers and nothing helped. Does someone know what the issue might be?
  3. Hey, I just wanted to ask if there is an easy accessable way to basically clonse mouse movements/clicks across all your chrome browsers. (without paying someone on fiver or something to code it) -->For example I have opened 10 different browsers and when I open a website on one, move the mouse and click certain things that it will be applied to all other browsers at the same time. I couldnt find a solution to get this to work - maybe someone knows a trick
  4. Bump - can someone help? I asked this in the Corsair Forum and the thread got deleted without notice....(And I used the search function - the question was always ignored and never really answered)
  5. Hey guys, happy new year! So I want a new Keyboard. Right now I use some random logitech keyboard with the "logitech gaming software". The most important thing for me are macros, because I use them on a daily! With logitechs software, when I set a macro (for example that it types "hey i am new here") the words appear without a delay - it is legit 0-1ms until a whole text appears. Now I wanted to get a Corsair Keyboard, but I have heard that the Macros in the past had issues with the "no delay" feature, because even with this feature toggled on the macros still suffered some 25ms delay or so per keystroke, which would be a no-go sadly. But I checked the net and the last person I saw with this problem asked about it in 2017. So does someone have a Corsair Keyboard by any chance and can make a macro with typings like " Hey [tab] how are you [enter]" and check for me if it's instant?. I really don't want to order a keyboard, unpack it and send it back (because in my opinion that is whack for the distributor) in case Corsair still can't manage a 0ms macro delay. I would really appreciate it if someone could test it out for me! Have a nice new year
  6. Plank

    Alienware AW3420DW

    I will take a look and read it - thanks
  7. Hey, I just wanted to ask if someone has the Alienware AW3420DW in hand and can make a solid review. Since there is only 1 store in germany that can ship it right now I didn't find anything valuable about it. Just wanted to know how the nano ips panel does in comparison to the older AW3418DW because I need so switch my Monitor asap
  8. Uh the Monitor has a Vesa Bracket included according to the manual - does this work?
  9. Hey guys I just bought the HP 35 inch ultrawide Monitor mentioned in the title :) I am planning to mount it on my desk or wall and wanted to ask if someone knows if the Amazon Basics desk mount and/or wall mount can actually hold this Monitor properly. In their description it says that they are made for Monitors up to 32 inch and I couldn't find a Video/description where someone mounted this specific Monitor on the wall or desk with the monitor arms from Amazon... If someone has knowledge about it and knows the answer feel free to help ♥
  10. This software is NOT made especially for MSI products. Period
  11. Afterburner isn‘t made for MSI cards lmao.
  12. I will tell him to try it out! Thanks
  13. It is the P8h77-V LE and i also said that he should but the gpu in another slot but every slot except the first one is inverted? Should he just turn it around and still try?