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Everything posted by Cancerous718

  1. main reason im so against AMD, every problem is blamed on faulty drivers and never quiet properly fixed
  2. i bought the 1060 when it came out as a replacement for my 960
  3. i doubt it, all the admin are busy texting to join the thread, hillarious
  4. then the next thing on my list would be a gtx 1080 ti or whatever is out by june next year
  5. i bought an rx 480, was a shitty experience, sold it 2 weeks later, nvidia all the way
  6. ive seen countless problems with friends that went with ryzen,
  7. more important i would say, those are the most noticible
  8. i came here because i was confused, im not so sure this was a good idea
  9. im getting some quotes in the morning, lets see how far off the 7700K is.
  10. worth a hell of a lot that baby chip, pulls its weight well too, its been good to me, will never find the heart to sell it
  11. my ming is more towards that right now and overclock the living bejesus out of it for future proof
  12. not so easy, bought it a while ago, been using it with my G4560 for a few months now