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  1. RedZephon

    FreeNas Permissions

    FreeNas was just recommended to me. And it was free. open to other alternatives if they are better/cost effective.
  2. RedZephon

    FreeNas Permissions

    Most of our staff use Macs, myself included, but we have a couple Windows users as well. We're going to be continually adding drives to this server so I need to make sure its easily expandable. I want to have outside access, working on the best way to do that. I plan to give everyone individual user accounts to restrict permissions.
  3. RedZephon

    FreeNas Permissions

    I haven't set anything up yet really, I have experience with linux servers but never freenas so trying to navigate how to work with it
  4. RedZephon

    FreeNas Permissions

    Hey All, I have recently built a server for our business that will be serving as a file server to store photo, video and other media content, as well as general files. We have various photographers/videographers that take video and photos and I want them to be able to drop the footage onto the server and access other photo/video content, but not have access to the rest of the files. I am just looking for some general advice I guess on managing permissions with FreeNas (as I have never used it before). Right now we just have 1 2TB drive (with AWS backup), but my plan is to expand as we need it and add more drives. I want to, if I can, keep one collective place to store files so its just an expanding array of storage, I believe I can do that with pools by having multiple drives in 1 pool, but it also seems that I need to have separate pools in order to set different permission sets for users. Looking for advice here.
  5. RedZephon

    Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    Yeah to me this sounds like Apple giving you guys the middle finger for being a public figure and taking apart their machine. I've worked for Apple in the past and never heard of anything like this happening. Honestly I would just barrage them with phone calls until you get someone willing to give you a CS code (Customer Sanctification code). A CS code depending on what is approved, can cover the cost of a repair or the replacement. In this case since they are refusing to repair, you should push for a CS code that will replace the unit. You guys being the public figure that you are, can turn this into a PR nightmare for them. Trying to source the parts third party I dont think will be a viable option. If Apple doesnt even have the parts, 3rd party parts arent going to be available. AT this point probably best to try and get in touch with someone who can help. Apple Support is all from the states, I would try to contact Apple Canada, I do have some contacts there if you need them, I can try to dig them out. But contact Apple Canada because that is going to be a better option at this point in my opinion.
  6. RedZephon

    Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    Why are the refusing to repair it? seems like a lack of information. Are they refusing because you took it apart and you're a public figure so they are giving you guys the middle finger? Or is it because they legitimately dont have the parts. The logic boards on macs are serial locked and theres no way for an user to swap them out without an apple program to assign the new serial number. If apple doesnt have the parts to repair it, they should offer a similar cost to swap it out, similar to what they did with the 2012 MacBook pro last year when they ran out of top case assemblies with batteries and decided to replace whole machines for the same cost as the battery.
  7. You could just enable twitch notifications so as soon as they go live you get a notification on your phone??? Seems like the logical way to know when they go live.