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  1. We all know that but bad reputation on one side means that the other can take a large majority of sales easily, for example if Amd said ‘miners, miners, miners’ Nvidia could go ‘yeah we are loyal to gamers’
  2. Yeah I just forgot to mention that, it’s same with all companies.
  3. Nvidia would obviously say that because if they say ‘screw gamers,miners make us loads more’ they would have a terrible reputation.
  4. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/04/26/amd_q1_2018/ I’m not sure if his has been posted before but it is pretty new news Amd has said that they like gpu miners, they also have seen massively increased profits. Although it mentions Qualcomm’s gloomier profits
  5. Oh. Maybe there will be girls this year though. Also to the people who sexually identify themselves as an attack helicopter you can come too.
  6. Please note that girls can also have VIP tickets. Linus just said dudes for reasons, I honestly have no idea what Canadian slang is like.
  7. When Linus stops receiving letters full of memes as well as "1-year airflow vid" and starts receiving letters full of people telling him to put their name on the wall. P.S: Linus also receives nice letters from people as well as vegimite flavoured dairy milk chocolate.
  8. use multiple to make the big ones and use a single one to make the centre
  9. Hello other humans!


    1. Energycatz


      I didn't make the meme i found it in Google images