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  1. Hey, guys! A store is selling a Cougar GX-S 650W for only Php 3200 or $64. They say it's brand new and it's their last batch of stocks hence the price cut. Is it a good unit? Couldn't care less about modularity. I'm currently searching for reviews for the unit.
  2. How and where can I find a website that lists the full spec of a PS unit? JonnyGuru doesn't have every unit.
  3. Are the Gamdias Astrate and Kratos really Tier B+? They are pretty cheap here in the Philippines, they are much cheaper than Tier B lineup. Never heard of this company before. Are these units really that good and trustworthy?
  4. In this Philippines, the price difference between Seasonic S/M12iis and CX/CXM, MWE Gold is around 15-20 USD and for some reason Be Quiet PSUs are hella expensive here. I was actually targeting the M12ii 620 because it was within my budget, fully modular, has Jap Caps, and the Seasonic name. Is the Corsair CX550M a better choice? How about the Masterwatt 650?
  5. Can I ask why the Seasonic S12iis and M12iis are low tier?
  6. Hey guys, I was gonna order the CX550M but I found this Gigabyte P650B unit which is cheaper, same Tier as CXM, more watts (future proof hopefully), and has Japanese Capacitors. Should I pick the Gigabytes PSU instead?
  7. Dang, it's rated at 30°C continuous temp same as VS. What a waste.
  8. What is this? Is this a new series from Corsair? Corsair CV 550 80+ Bronze. At first, I thought it was a scam or a bootleg but apparently it's a legit product from Corsair. Is this better than the VS Series?