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  1. I have a pc running on core2duo e6750 with 2 gb ddr2(333.3 MHz) ram resting on a d31pr motherboard by intel with lga 775 socket. I bought it in 2008, from then it has managed to browse the web and do other small things without a graphics card. I am planning on gaming on it and do a little bit of photoshop for a couple more years. I am planning on upgrading it, so wanted help from you guys. 1. Should I put a new graphics card and upgrade the ram OR 2. Should I get a new motherboard and cpu or find a new lga 775 cpu. 3. Should I install windows 10? Main reason for upgrading is due to lag in every task I do including browsing the web and the cpu usage is constantly 100% after boot. My budget is about 100-150 $ and I stay in India. Thank you guys