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  1. Hey you people, my tablet broke. I am a cinematographer and need something for location scouting (taking pictures, drawing stuff on them, looking at pictures) 10" tablet bright processor can be older no gaming stylus support (not 100 percent sure I need that) Android 200€ used max I dont need a perfect tablet, when money is not as tight as it is now, I will buy something like the Samsung S6 - but for now I need recommendations Got any? Cheers Tim
  2. Hey LTT people, my XMG C404 suddenly behaves really strangely. When I insert the DC powercable into the Laptop the keyboard stops responding, it also types "n b" for every insert of the powercable. Sometimes everything goes weird and it circles through landscape mode, portrait mode and their upside down variants until I pull the powercable out. It charges fine, I can type when the powercable is not plugged in. I tried some restarts, sometimes it dies during restart (without power plugged in). I booted Linux from a USB stick to see if its a driver issue: Same keyboard issue. Same in Safe mode. Any hints? Searched the internet the last two days but nothing turned up. Sadly I am abroad and all my tools are at home... Help is really appreciated! Tim
  3. Which combo would you suggest in that case? Budget would be still the same.
  4. Some of these Laptops are last gen. I would love to know if anytone took that gamble.
  5. I want it to be portable. I have played with the idea of an eGPU, but they are so big and heavy. I am going to travel a lot in the next months.
  6. Hey guys, I am looking for a thin and light gaming laptop with the 1070 Max Q. (I need 8GB of VRAM for Resolve), 15", thin bezels 16GB RAM CPU can be last or second to last gen quadcore. GPU is much more important. Good screen. I wanna buy used and spend less than 1000€. I know I can do it. I have looked at Razer Blade 15 (2018) Aero 15 and 15X V8 MSI GS65 MSI P65 XMG Core 15 and Neo 15 Anything I have missed? I'd love a XPS 15 but 1050Ti is just not worth it for me.
  7. I had a lot of phones through the years and all of them just stopped working as they supposed to, I would have loved to use them still. No need to upgrade. Galaxy S: Micro USB stopped working/charging Sony Z3 compact: Just after the warranty was done the screen stopped working - which is something a lot of users complained about on the web Galaxy S5: USB port stopped working as well. also getting legit batteries is such a hassle, even from certified vendors. Any tricks for a good longterm experience? I handle the phones with care. Promise.
  8. Hey guys, so my Sony Xperia Z3 compact has a screen that doesnt respond anymore - which is a known hardware problem Repairing makes no sense, the screen replacement costs as much as a working used phone. Selling makes no sense, used prices are down to 30-40 bucks for working copies. But it is still a powerful little device. Any projects that these devices are useful for? The screen is flawless, except that the touchscreen doesnt work anymore. I am a filmmaker. Is it possible to use the phones screen as a HDMI display? Cheers, Tim
  9. I will reset Windows do all of the above. I haven't done a fresh install of Win10 for almost 2 years on this device. Will report back, thank you! If I disbale speedstep, that will make my CPU always run at full speed, right? If Speedstep turns out to be the problem, how to I proceed?
  10. Yes. It is connected to the Powersupply and has 93 percent.
  11. Hey, I have a XMG C404 Laptop Windows 10 64bit Intel i7 4710HQ 2,5Ghz 4cores/8HT 8GB RAM GTX860M I am using it for on the road video editing and it shows that it runs only at 60% even when it should be under full load when rendering videos and running CineBech. It actually underperforms dramatically. I am not very tech savy, but I opened it up and cleaned the fans but that didnt change much. It always plateaus at exactly 1,59Ghz (63%) and Core Temps tells me an average of about 72°C. What can I provide to you, so you can help me trouble shoot this?
  12. No both would be custom. So you would advise not goin 2600K?
  13. I am editing and mostly color grading in Davinci Resolve. Mostly 1080p ProRes. What is the best RAM speed for these applications? I know I need as much gpu memory (atleast 4GB) fast CPU but RAM besides the amount is a mystery to me.
  14. Hey people. I am one click away from buying a 700 dollar Ryzen 1600/GTX1050ti/16GB RAM Editing System.(uprading from AMDx4 955 and GTX570 and 8GB RAM) The more I think about it the more I ask myself: Why dont get a Intel i72600K + MOBO and OC, keep my RAM from my DDR3 system, get a used GTX770 and call it a day. Anybody got opinions on that?
  15. Hey people, I am a cinematographer in the making and need a machine to edit and grade my stuff in Davinci Resolve. Also I would like to finally invest in some redundancy to not loose all the footage. At the moment I only handle 1080p Prores or 1080 RAW. Current PC: outofdate AMD X4 955 GTX570 16GB DDR3 RAM 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD 128GB SanDisk SSD 1TB WD Harddrive Wants: Maximum firepower for grading/editing/3D in Cinema4D for 900€ and some schooling where to read about raids and stuff. Also would like a organized case and oh if it is not as loud as my current setup that would be great. That shit blows Thank you, would love your ideas!