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  1. But $857 is ~£677, and 677 with 20% tax is £812. The laptop here is £1000, not £800
  2. I've been looking around for a laptop for uni, and I noticed that specifically the HP ENVY x360 has an enormous price difference if you're buying in the US or UK. For example, one with windows 10 home, ryzen 7 4700u, 16gb ram, 15.6" display etc identical spec costs $857 and the same in the UK costs £1,000. That's a £322 or $406 difference which is more than significant. It's probably much cheaper to arrange a friend over here to buy it on my behalf and send it to me. What gives? Why is there such a huge difference? What am I missing?
  3. I can't imagine it's an issue because it's a pretty powerful cpu. It's more likely to be software related
  4. 25C on my cpu, 34C on gpu. Surely 3.861GHz is too high for idle? Max boost is 3.9GHz
  5. Yeah, looks like my CPU is throttling actually. Temps are low still but I hadn't noticed the frequencies. What would you suggest?
  6. Recently got a cheap 4k monitor (Samsung U28E590D) and I'm loving it but I'm getting some weird issues with my mouse in particular. On my desktop, when I move my mouse from rest it doesn't highlight any shortcuts for a few seconds then after those few seconds will start highlighting shortcuts after a second or so. Usually this alone wouldn't bother me, but I'm getting issues similar in games as well. When I move my mouse, the game stutters for a few seconds then I can freely move my mouse again with no stutter. I have a Ryzen 2600, gtx 1080 and 16gb ram, none of which are maxing out. I do however have a logitech g402, which I've heard can cause issues but I uninstalled the logitech software which didn't seem to help. Monitor is running 60hz on a displayport and I've tried several slots on my gpu. Any advice?
  7. Didn't work unfortunately. Tried mashing it as well
  8. I have an external ssd with all my music production software I want to use at school, but my school has password protected BIOS. Is there any way you can boot from usb without requiring the boot menu, short of disconnecting the hard drive?
  9. Yeah, it must be. It's just acting really weird and the motherboard doesn't say that it's the problem, it says it's a boot issue. That's why I thought it might be software
  10. I just bought a used RX 580 8GB Nitro for a build I'm doing for a friend. I put it in my pc to make sure it works, as it is used, and the screen came up as multicoloured static, without first showing the bios screen. I switched it off and booted it again, and there was no post or anything, just a blank screen. I tried putting my personal video card back in, a GTX 1080, and it worked as normal. Then when I put the RX 580 back in it, along with a single stick of the new ram for my friends build, the screen showed a frozen image of what had been shown by my GTX 1080 but the screen was flickering. I took a video of this incase that description isn't clear. The system works fine with my GTX 1080 so I can't imagine it's a power issue. I e tried swapping the output port, used both DVI and hdmi on the card, and nothing changed. Finally, the debug LEDs on my motherboard show a GPU problem first, which usually happens when my system is booting and then turns off, but this transitions into a boot error led instead. This doesn't happen with the 1080. My system specs are: Ryzen 5 2600 MSI PC mate b350 2 x 8gb tforce delta ram ddr4 / ram for new build is ballistix 2 x 8gb sport ddr4 Evga supernova 550w G3 Hope I'm just being stupid but I've tested everything I can think of. Thanks
  11. Amazon was selling the processor for 150 and is now selling it for 170, so I've lost out because of waiting for something that would never come
  12. Forgot to mention that I got a refund. Can I get a voucher for a real amazon one tho or is that edging my bets lmao
  13. Correct me if this is in the wrong place but I didn't know if it was cpu enough to be in the cpu category. Recently decided to buy a ryzen 2600 on amazon. Picked one up from a seller called "Benz Lams" for £125 and then it never got posted. Messaged amazon, they said some bullshit like "they were unable to sell it". Has anybody else had this experience? And is there any way I can take advantage of the situation? Thanks
  14. Just ordered a new Ryzen 2600 for £125 instead. Thanks for the help guys!