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  1. coolcommando54

    Ryzen 1700x or 2600 for gaming?

    Just ordered a new Ryzen 2600 for £125 instead. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. coolcommando54

    Ryzen 1700x or 2600 for gaming?

    It's £100 more.
  3. coolcommando54

    Ryzen 1700x or 2600 for gaming?

    So the 2600 is better at gaming?
  4. Already had a thread about what to choose and decided on 2600, but just found a 1700x at £150, same as 2600. At the same price is 1700x better?
  5. coolcommando54

    SD Card refuses to reformat, and data doesn't delete

    Sent them a message. Will hopefully get a response in the next couple days
  6. So I have a sandisk 32gb ultra sd card that I've been using mainly on my phone for spotify music and a couple photos. The card was working until a couple weeks ago when my phone said something along the lines of "error on sd. remove damaged card". I went onto my pc and couldn't open the drive. Recovery software wasn't working and I eventually gave up. So then this afternoon I popped it back into my pc, and the sd card is accessible again. I backed it up and decided the best course of action was to reformat it. When reformatting using the windows tool I get the error "windows was unable to complete the formatting". I then tried the sd memory card formatter (here https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/index.html) and despite using quick and overwrite formats it simply did nothing and all the data is still there. I even deleted all the files and plugged it back into my pc. When I looked at the drive, all the files are still there. Even though I manually deleted them. To clarify, I'd like some help finding a solution to fix or format the card. I don't care about the info on it. Thanks!
  7. coolcommando54

    Best ryzen CPU to pair with a GTX 980?

    Money isn't an issue but I don't want to spend screeds if I don't have to
  8. coolcommando54

    Best ryzen CPU to pair with a GTX 980?

    I was thinking about that one, just didn't know if the extra cores on the 1700 up are worth it
  9. I'm looking for a new Ryzen processor to replace my current 1300x. I have a GTX 980 4Gb currently, but I might be able to upgrade to a GTX 1080 or something in the future. Whats the best processor for my situation and what price should I look for it at? Currently, here in the UK, the pcpartpicker prices are as follows: 1600: £135 1600X: £136 2600: £150 1700: £195 1700X: £195 2600X: £197 1800X: £220 2700: £256 2700X: £294 Price isn't too much of an issue for me but I'd like to save money if I can. And I'm more than happy with overclocking. Specs: Ryzen 1300x H100i 16gb ddr4 msi b350 pc mate gigabyte gtx 980 4gb
  10. coolcommando54

    SD card won't open, windows card prompts to format

    Not that I can see.
  11. coolcommando54

    SD card won't open, windows card prompts to format

    Just installed recuva and it says it can't scan because it's unable to determine file system type.
  12. coolcommando54

    anyone help?

    It's some sort of capacitor of some sort.. don't turn the mobo on until you find out exactly what it is.
  13. I recently went on a month long expedition to malaysia. My friend had a gopro and has 64gb worth of footage he gave me, along with other cards. This card however now refuses to open, and I get errors such as: G:\ is not accessible. The volume does not contain a recognized file system. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. I'm pretty sure he has it backed up but I definitely want to save this if I can. I gather that formatting it like one of the prompts I get would delete everything? What can I do to save it?
  14. So I have this old Asus iv formula board here. Tried to boot it up with a HDD with windows ten and I kept getting the "please select proper boot device" error code, but I dug up an old drive and got it to boot with windows xp. Except I don't think windows xp supports my peripherals so they only work in the bios. The Asus website doesn't have W10 drivers, but can I get them to work together? Edit: forgot specs. Amd phenom ii 945 8gb ddr3 hyperx fury Hd 7970 Corsair cs450m
  15. coolcommando54

    Should I reinstall windows on new ssd?

    Thanks for the quick replies