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  1. Kamzook

    [Canada] Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    Gotcha Last question for you, what's the different between T2, T2 Pro and T3? I don't mind paying a bit more for the T3 if I'd notice the difference
  2. Kamzook

    [Canada] Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    Those look very good, thanks! And you recommend getting comply tips as well to further improve the noise reduction?
  3. Kamzook

    [Canada] Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    On the subject of IEMs, any other brand/model you would recommend in the 80-100$ range?
  4. Kamzook

    [Canada] Wireless noise-cancelling headphones

    Thank you for the suggestions, @rice guru and @Quadriplegic ! Hmm I see. I guess I would have to try them out. The noise isn't extremely loud, it's often muffled sounds coming through the walls when they're watching the television loudly or have people over. When I put my HD518 I don't really hear them anymore but I need to have music on at all times for them to be effective and that's annoying The 1000MX3 look pretty awesome, I've seen them praised a lot. I'll check them out in store and see if I can find them used somewhere Are these the ones? https://www.amazon.ca/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-Bluetooth-Cellphone/dp/B07PHRHK79 Also, follow-up question, my main PC doesn't have bluetooth, do these come with their own "dongles" or do I need to get something like this : https://www.amazon.ca/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-TaoTronics-Simultaneously/dp/B013ULOP10/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_107_bs_lp_t_1/135-6068418-8084801?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XQAQ4VDZJYZN1ZQCCK5H Thank you very much for your help
  5. Hey, I'm looking for noise-cancelling headphones so that I can concentrate while working in a busy office or when the neighbours are loud It doesn't have to be wireless, if there is a much better deal for a wired pair I'd consider it but it would be a big plus since I could carry them around more easily I don't have a set budget, I have no idea how much they go for but I don't mind spending 200-300$+ if it's worth it Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am looking for a new GPU. Here are my specs : PSU - Seasonic 620 S12II Bronze CPU - Intel i4-4770k Motherboard - ASUS Z87-A RAM - 16GB DDR3 GPU - EVGA GTX 780 3GB Monitors - 25" 1080p I mainly play simulator games that aren't as demanding as some AAA titles. The only AAA game that I play is GTA V, and my GTX780 is running it fine, I'm happy with the settings. The 780 is almost good enough to keep for a while longer but it's showing some signs of old age and starting to make some whining noises. I'd like to get something more recent that will last me for another 2-3 years. My budget is anywhere from 250-350$, and I live in Canada. I was consdering getting the 1060 6GB, I might upgrade to 4K later down the road and it seems to me like 3GB in 2017 is not a lot, I might regret not getting the 6GB version later on. Are there better options for my price range? I really haven't kept up with GPUs. I'd prefer a NVIDIA one since a few games that I play seem to run much better on it. Thanks for the help!
  7. Kamzook

    Cheap phone for my mom

    Hey everyone, my mother currently uses an iPhone 4 and it's on its last miles, so she wants to get a new one. She has a cheap 15$/month plan right now and wants to keep it, so she needs to buy the phone without a plan and unlocked. I have a OnePlus 2 and she likes it, but they don't sell them anymore. They have the OnePlus 3 which is out of stock (in Canada) and then there's the OnePlus 3T, but it's getting pretty expensive (600$+). What are some good options for her? It's only for text messages and calls, she doesn't have any data on her plan and barely use the Internet on her phone when there's WiFi. No set budget, but anything around the 300-400$ mark top would be preferable. Thanks for the help!