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  1. Ar_0n3

    Gtx1070ti or 1070sli

    Hi! I have a Asus GTX 1070 strix, I wasn't looking for a new card but I gota reeeealy good deal for a GTX 1070ti. (A so good deal that I would earn money money if I sold it). So now I have to gpus, I can only use one of them other then when I'm rendering. I have a friend who has a Asus OC GTX 1070. My question is: Should I exchange my 1070ti with his 1070 so I can run sli? Then we both get an upgrade? Any thoughts on what i should do?
  2. Ar_0n3

    Best budget GPU ?

    maby a AMD GPU?
  3. Ar_0n3

    Toggleble keyboard button?

    Hi i have used g366, and becaus i have a g910 i can use a the programabloe key G5 to mute/unmute the mic. My question is: Can i make the button toggle between red(mic muted) and blue(mic unmuted). I have tried using Aurora softwere but it seams to only work on the already locking keys like caps lock, scrol lock and num lock. Is it pausible to "program" this simple action with a script or something? If its possible, any good tips to how to lern how to do it? I tried posting this on the Logitech gaming subreddit. But got no response My mic broke and I am now using the blue yeti but I still want this kind of button. All response greatly apreaciated
  4. Ar_0n3

    broken mic

    if i descide to buy the blue yeti i wil propobly "upgrade" it later. like a popfilter and a stand. but i wil try to use it witout all that stuf at the begining. greate coment tho. thanks
  5. Ar_0n3

    broken mic

    I have a g633 headset and yesterday the mic stoped picking up sound. the way i see it i have 3 options: i new headset, a modmic 4or5 or a desk mic. like the blue yeti. idk what to do. the headset works perfectly an i am very hapy with it it wold be sad to get a new one, i realy liked the feedback capability on the g633(i cold here my self). is it bossible to use the blue yeti on the computer via usb and the 3.5 into the headset for feedback? is something like this possible with to modmic. i herd softwere feedback is slow. do you have any tips of what to do. as i said i realy like the g633 so it wold be sad to loose it. i have a budget of 130USD thanks in advance
  6. Ar_0n3

    private cromecast?

    Hi, I have a iriting brother, and I boght a Google Cromecast not long ago. Is it possible to lock him out so he for example. Can not change the volume when I use it? Is it possible to put a password on it is the actual question.