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  1. budget, its a lot expensive compared to these 2
  2. My main goal is gaming. i want to buy a 512 Gb SSD, in my budget I have 2 option 1.Gigabyte 512GB M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe 1.3 SSD this uses HMB technology. 2 GIGABYTE UD PRO 512GB SSD, this has a 512 mb DDR3 Cache, but not great of a review in tomshardware, i want to go with the first choice but my system has only 8 gb of ddr3 ram, so im just confused because of my lack of knowledge about this HMB thing so which one should i get. and in my coutry i could only find these 2 to be in my budget.
  3. So I checked and the 2666 MHz model is not available, so i have to buy the 3000 mhz one, can this be a problem??? Because it would have to run at 2666 mhz lower then the intended speed.
  4. Yeah I also had a question about this, motherboard dose have xmp, so cant i turn xmp on and get 3000mhz, because if i can't do that then i would go for the lower mhz model because its a lot cheaper.
  5. So I want to buy 16 gb of ram, i found 2 options, Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 3200 MHz 16 gb single stick, and the 2nd choice is the same stuff but double 8 gb stick at 3000mhz its also bit pricey then the 16 gb choice. My main goal is gaming and the motherboard is MSI B360-A pro which has 4 ram slot, it would be great if i could save that extra money, but if there is a performance issue then i dont care i would go for the 2nd choice.
  6. what about the cache amount i couldn't find any details on that? and this is the picture of the motherboard and the ssd , I am just worried about the compatibility and the cache storage.
  7. So the motherboard is GIGABYTE H310M S2H ULTRA DURABLE LGA1151, and i want to buy an SSD. I found 2 SSD fitting my budget. This would be my boot drive and i will use it to store game's. 1. Gigabyte UD Pro 512 gb, this has the cache ram (512 Mb)written on it. It has a sata connection. 2.PNY CS2060 M.2 NVME 512GB SSD. This has a B+M key and the motherboard only has an M key. So my question is, would the PNY SSD be compatible with the motherboard?Also i couldn't find the details about the cache size for the PNY ssd. So Which one should i choose? Both are exactly the same price in my country. My main focus is gaming.
  8. No the cable is ok but the connector on the dvd writer broke. To i need to go pin to pin or wire to pin
  9. As i said i want to connect the SATA data cable to my dvd writer by soldering the cable to the connector but i cant find how the wiring works can anyone give me some links or exact details on which wire connects to which cable.
  10. I just sold my gpu and getting a new one but it's gonna take 2 days so i go to connect my HDMI cable to the port in the back of my motherboard but i there isn't any kind of display output port the motherboard in question is the msi z390 meg godlike there are just usb and type c connector in the back.
  11. i want to add a 1tb 970 pro NVMe drive but do i have enough PCIe lanes left ? motherboard still has a m.2 drive slot empty and i dont use any mechanical hdd or sata ssd.
  12. Sorry my bad its 2*4gb and i Don't have that much money, i have someone who is selling the processor 2nd hand, and I'm gonna buy a single stick 1600mhz 8gb ram, that's all i can afford for now. So should i do it? I can't play games comfortably. My question is will i face the same problem with the i5 4460 or is it the ram that's causing the problem ddr3 just not enough for the 1050ti. Help me out please