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  1. I have used O&O ShutUp 10 on my old computer to manage privacy options on Windows 10, but I was wondering if it was actually a good program to use or if there are any better alternatives.
  2. MX150 is a little less than I was looking for, want to run modern titles at 1080p 60FPS high. Thanks for the perspective on the laptops above, helps to narrow down my list.
  3. Every time I have looked it has been out of stock, but maybe. Might go with the GS 65 if I want to go for more of a gaming laptop, but thanks for the recommendation!
  4. I was leaning towards it, would something like the GS65 be worth the extra cost or no?
  5. I like the performance of it, but it might be too big to carry around. Thanks for the help though!
  6. Not really looking at MacBooks, I don't need the OS and I get better bang for the buck with Windows. Besides, the cheapest macbook with dedicated graphics is $2400.
  7. Hey guys! I have been looking for a laptop to take to college. I am going to be studying engineering, so I need something with a decent amount of power, but I also would like good battery life and decent portability. My budget is roughly $2,000, and I would need something with roughly these specs: 16 GB of RAM Preferably a six-core i7, but i5 could work Dedicated graphics 256GB SSD 15 inch, 1080p display 6+ hours of battery life Ideally 4lbs or less 2in1 would be nice to have, but not a dealbreaker Hopefully I'm not asking for too much here, trying to balance performance and usability. I have been looking at the Dell XPS 15 9570, Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575, and the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin. I would also be open to an ultrabook with an eGPU if that would work. Thanks for the help!