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  1. hmmm maybe I would be better off with the Gen10 (4 core version) as its just over £500 in the UK: https://www.ebuyer.com/854984 Looking cheaper than a custom build, supports 5 of my 6 drives and I can stick my backup drive into a USB caddy Just the RAM to upgrade (as I plan to create a VM or two).
  2. I guess I got wrapped up with the term MircoServer and went down the like for like route when in reality an mATX or ATX will certainly have 6+ SATA Ports along with 2-4 PCIe Slots (For Future Expansion)... back to the drawing board I think.
  3. A very valid point and certain something I'll look into... Do you know if it needs to be RAID compatible or is Windows Storage Space a 'virtual' RAID? I know when I have had to rebuild my OS drive, the storage space was not affected, Windows detected all the settings from the Data drives. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I currently have a HP MicroServer (N54L) setup. Optical Bay has been swapped out for an SSD (OS) and in total there are 5 Standard 2TB Data Drives. I have Windows Server 2016 installed on the SSD and just used Windows Storage Spaces to mirror my data over 4 of the Data Drives. The other (fifth) Data Drive is used by Veeam Backup Free Edition. The system is getting old and the new MicroServers are not value for money like the N54L was. What are my upgrade options? I was thinking of just building a new PC but struggling to find a decent ITX / mATX that supports a large number of SATA Drives. Want to keep costs below £600, I already have the data drives and a GPU. Any suggestion are welcomed.
  5. Ah man, there's me thinking I'd have enough of a return to build a nice new Ryzen setup... guess every little helps
  6. Hi there, Not really sure where to place this post... I am looking to sell my mother board, CPU and RAM and upgrade to something that can at least handle DDR4. Any ideas on what the following could fetch in the UK market: CPU: Intel i7-4790k Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H RAM: 2x Corsair CMY 16G X3M2A 2400 C11 A (4x 8GB) I'm thinking around £500 on a good day. Thanks
  7. On the back burner!

  8. Did you use ATIFlash or Gigabyte's own flashing tool to do so? Regardless of the BIOS updated, I'd like to resolve why ATIFlash is throwing a wobbly. Same PC used to have Dual RX480's installed and had no issues with the BIOS flashing. Can't remember if I had to play around with any reg settings to unlock flashing or not.
  9. Ok thanks for the input... I guess its best to stick with the "if its not broke, dont try to fix it" attitude. The card is certainly loud! Especially with a Corsair H115i... really need to get some silent fans for my setup. How would you go about reducing the noise of the GPU - is it easy to swap out the fans?
  10. I can't remember where I found it but I can see the card is using version F1 of the BIOS (possibly in the AMD app). The support page now has F2 out as the latest file: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-RXVEGA64GAMING-OC-8GD#support-dl-bios Download: Europe Just wanted to updated to see if it offers any better performance / power tweaks. In theory the atBIOS software should allow for it to be updated easily but not in my case...
  11. Hi, I am having some trouble with my new Gigabyte RX Vega 64 (8gb OC) card. I ran DDU on my PC, installed the GPU and then installed the latest AMD drivers. When I try to backup the BIOS with atBIOS I get an error code (0x00000002) If I download the latest ATIFlash (now with Vega support) I see an error stating its a Discrete card. Is this normal or is there something wrong with the card/installation? Game play is perfectly fine, Far Cry 5 runs nice and smooth in Ultra settings. I just want to update the BIOS to version F2. Thanks
  12. Thanking you, will play around with these settings later :-)
  13. Wish I could pass 4.8GHz but the system just locks up using Intel XTU. Haven't sat down to play with the motherboard voltages. I see your Northern Bee project hit 5GHz, have you got some general baseline figures for the voltage that I could try out to get anywhere near that??
  14. Sure are... 2 x XFX RX480s (8GB) in xFire configuration. CPU's also running at 4.6GHz with a light OC via Intel's tuning utility