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    Koki Kecil #1841


  • CPU
    Xeon X3450
  • Motherboard
    ASUS P7P55D
  • RAM
    VGen 2x4GB DDR3
  • GPU
    PixelView GeForce 9300GS 512MB DDR2
  • Case
    Currently none. I'm building a case rn
  • Storage
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB
  • PSU
    Corsair VS550
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    currently using TV. RIP my eyes
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    Prolimatech Megahalem Rev. B
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    Logitech Cordless Wave
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    Logitech G90 with no scroll button
  • Sound
    Creative SB Audigy 2ZS Platinum + Edifier R101V with Simbadda Speakers
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro x64
  1. So, the AF218AGG/ AJ217AGG is just like a S/N of the MOSFET?
  2. DFI P55 T3eH9 MOSFET fried when i tried to turn it on. Luckily it didn't kill the CPU or other components. Two MOSFET fried, the rest are assumed short, and there were no leaked/ exploded caps. I want to replace the MOSFET chips on it. But, there's something that made me a little bit confused: info on the MOSFET chipsWhen i searched the MOSFET, it was found that it came from Magnachip. MDU2657 and MDU2655. But, what made me confused is the AJ217AGG and AF218AGG1. What does AJ217AGG and AF218AGG means in Magnachip MOSFET?2. I found lots of MDU2657 and MDU2655 chips on Ebay, but unlike mine. Does this AF218/ AJ217 whatever really matters? Like, they're must the same if you want to replace the MOSFET yourself? So far i only found MDU2657-DD047EGF and MDU2655-EC147DGG. There were NONE of MDU2657-AF218AGG and MDU2655-AJ217AGG chipsImage of fried MOSFET (picture taken before the red marked MOSFET fried)
  3. Did you mean the media source? Both of them aren't really 60FPS (57FPS and 34FPS video)
  4. I don't know what's wrong with the settings. The framerate settings says 59.940 (which is technically 60FPS), both in Video Project Settings and Internet 720p template. But why does the result is 119.88FPS (120FPS) video? Is there anything wrong with the settings? Because of this, YT detected my 120FPS video as 30FPS when uploaded, not 60FPS (usually if you uploaded a video that's exceeding 60FPS limit, YT will cut the framerate to 60FPS) *This also happens with Internet 1080p template
  5. Yes i know the sounds comes from the drives. It happens when it plugged in there. Other USB devices works properly, except any kind of External Drives Specs: P7P55D Intel Xeon X3450 2x4GB DDR3 Corsair VS550 PixelView GeForce 9300GS Prolimatech Megahalem Rev. B SB Audigy 2ZS Platinum
  6. I have a Motherboard with a very strange USB port issues. The USB port doesn't want to properly connect External HDD as it should be. Every kind of External HDD plugged in there, while exploring the drive, or even when I waited the drive to be detected while opening the file explorer, it will make a sound (Beep if it's Seagate, Cricket-like sounds if it's WD, skip the video to 0:05 to hear the sound) All the hard drive that was plugged in there, is still in perfect condition. No drive problem (badsector, etc) at all, 100% Health/ Performance in HDD Sentinel/ HDD Regenerator. Even my Seagate Expansion 1TB that got killed by the USB port were still in good shape after until i plugged in the drive to that port and it died while i'm accessing my files back in 2018. Can this issue fixed by myself or should I go to the service center for mobo repairs? I don't want more drive to be dead because of the faulty USB ports MOV_0430.mp4
  7. ASUS H61M-K supports up to 3000MHz OC for Memory. I want to OC my RAM to 1866MHz but dunno why it failed. Maybe there are wrong configuration for my RAM? Or the mobo doesn't really supports RAM OC? RAM: VGen 4GB DDR3 10600 (Hynix BFR chip, only VGen with Hynix chip that can be overclocked except Hynix EFR), keep in mind that VGen is the local brand from Indonesia and they only sell their products in Indonesia, so you probably never heard of these brand http://v-gen.co.id/produk-detail/ddr3-pc-10600--1333-mhz_18.html My config: DRAM Frequency: 1866 CAS Latency: 9 RAS to CAS Latency: 11 RAS PRE Time: 10 RAS ACT Time: 27 Command Mode: Auto Secondary Timings settings are all AUTO (forget the primary timings, that's my default config after OC failure)
  8. KeradSnake

    550W Mini ITX PSU?

    I was wondering if there's any 550W Power Supply that designed for Mini ITX Case, with size and form factor just like Pico PSU (One that used in Linus $13 PC Case), any ideas? And if there's no 550W Mini ITX Power Supply, at least 450W is ok as long they are 80+ Certified
  9. KeradSnake

    CMOS Battery

    Nothing wrong with the warranty label, never used warranty service before. But i'm afraid its already Expired/ Void when i check to ASUS Warranty. And also, the box contains warranty card and information is gone nowhere, so i think the warranty is now void :'(
  10. KeradSnake

    CMOS Battery

    Alright. So, i'm going to test the motherboard to ensure its still functional (yes, because i never used it before, the battery socket broke when i cleaned it), but because the cmos battery socket is still broken, i'm afraid if this might Shortcircuit the motherboard
  11. KeradSnake

    CMOS Battery

    So... My CMOS socket is broken and i wonder if i can repair it. I'm not sure that ASUS warranty will accept this. Any ideas? Btw, i wonder if soldering can fix this. So i have a pin, and then i splitted them into two, and i want to connect them to the cmos socket with soldering. Is this gonna work? And sorry if there's wrong grammar because i'm from SEA Motherboard: ASUS P8H61M-LX Rev1.0