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  1. I just asked her and she doesn't want a desktop PC and wants a laptop. @Its_MrMa Thank you for your help
  2. @Its_MrMa That is unfortunate. Thank you for your help. My sister is struggling through quarantine without it lol. I may have to look into a budget build for her.
  3. @Its_MrMa Unfortunately, the bios does not turn on. Fans do not spin either.
  4. @Kanna Used pretty often for more than 2 years. At first I thought the battery might be dead but it doesn't boot through AC either. I am not sure what the issue might be.
  5. My siblings laptop won't turn on. Orange light indicator light turns on for 1 second then goes off when charger is plugged in. I opened the laptop and removed the battery. I then also connected it to an external display but the laptop continues to behave in the same way. It's a Sony Vaio Ultrabook. Any suggestions would be helpful!
  6. Hello, I am interested in purchasing the Behringer XM8500 because it is a great budget mic. However, I am unsure what cable or other items I require to use it. Will the "Stagg 6m XLR to Phono Plug Cable" and the stand (as shown in the image) be everything that I need? Are there anything you would recommend to go alongside this microphone?
  7. Hi, I am thinking of getting a new case (corsair) and the new case comes with RGB fans. I have never installed RGB in my computer (which is the cause of lower fps in games) so I am not sure where the 4 pin RGB goes. The amazon description says "Connect the fans using standard 4-pin lighting connectors to your Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion or MSI Mystic Light compatible motherboard" My motherboard is the ASUS A320M-K. What solutions are there for me to use these fans.
  8. @seon123 Thank you for the advice. I'll consider just saving up to make some big upgrades in the future. @Faisal A I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  9. @Faisal A Thank you for the suggestions. That AIO has many reviews, which say that leaks occur so I won't try that one. I will definitely consider your other two suggestions. Which do you think would be better. The Deepcool gammax or ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme? @seon123 Ah. Thank you. My concern has been reduced. I'll still have a look around but it's nice to know that the heat is not an issue.
  10. @Faisal A I have a Ryzen 1500X. My budget is around £35. I am still looking if I can find the motherboard name lol. (It's by Asus but i'll find the name soon)
  11. @Faisal A Thank you. The ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme looks great. I will likely purchase this CPU cooler. I'm not too familiar with the installation process. Would these CPU coolers be compatible with nearly every CPU and motherboard as long as there is space?
  12. Hi. I've been playing some call of duty modern warfare and I have noticed that my GPU and CPU get quite hot. This occurs with many games. They touch 73 C which is not too bad but my fans go loud and my case is hot everywhere. I'm thinking about replacing my stock fans and CPU coolers with some new ones. Do you recommend replacing the stock CPU cooler that came with the Ryzen 1500X, with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO? How much would it help? I'll also replace the fan that came with the case with a Noctua NF-P12 so that air can move out more efficiently.
  13. @anil72 @hollyh88 Thanks for the response. I currently have the Ryzen 1500X with a GTX 1060 6GB. I will be sure to upgrade my CPU alongside my GPU when I upgrade.
  14. @mariushm Thanks for the reply.I don't think many retail stores in my area have a variety of mechanical keyboard to test. Maybe just one keyboard. I do think this would be a good idea. @b emoji The Anne Pro 2 with Kailh Box Browns looks like a great keyboard with a nice feel. Unfortunately, it has a large price compared to the other boards (£120) so my father would not approve (he does not think I should spend that much on a keyboard). I will most likely purchase the magicforce 68 with gateron brown switches. Thank you for the helpful response.