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  1. afaq0

    Which GPU with Ryzen 5 1500X?

    @Firewrath9 Thank you. I'm getting a new build tomorrow and it will have a GTX 1060 6GB and a Ryzen 5 1500X because I found a good price on it. I just wanted to know what GPU I could upgrade to in the future, once the 1060 is a little older, without having to get a new build. I would probably get a 2060 super. Thanks for the help.
  2. What is the maximum GPU that would pair "okay" with the Ryzen 5 1500X? (Which GPU would no bottleneck and which would do little bottleneck)
  3. Thank you @MVPernula and @Adsome2007. I will look into making a new build and will definitely consider the Ryzen 2600 and i5 9600k. I appreciate the help.
  4. I currently have a GTX 1050 ti with an i5 2320. They perform quite well and happily push 144fps in certain games like rocket league and CS GO for my 144hz monitor. However, I am thinking of purchasing a new GPU like a RTX 2060. Would the CPU bottleneck the RTX 2060? If so, what CPU would you recommend to go with the RTX 2060? I think if I did go for a new CPU, I would be getting a new motherboard and RAM too.
  5. I found a fix. I just had to restart my computer Does anyone know how to delete a thread or post?
  6. Anything related to my Microsoft account on windows 10 does not appear to work. I cannot launch the Microsoft store, I cannot refresh my email, and I cannot sign in on visual studio with my Microsoft account, which means I cannot use it. Does anyone know any solutions?
  7. afaq0

    Is this 144hz monitor worth it?

    I ended up saving up money and selling some unwanted tech to get this MSI curved 144hz 1ms VA panel 1080p monitor. I'm really enjoying it! Thanks for the replys @jstudrawa.
  8. afaq0

    Boot time slow

    @Eastad I think another part of your computer is limiting your boot time. Could be RAM but I am not too sure currently. I hope you find a solution.
  9. afaq0

    Boot time slow

    Is the new boot time better than without SSD? You computer may still be using your HDD for certain programs or even the whole operating system. Make sure that when you do a clean install, you remove your HDD and only put it back once everything is working fine on the SSD.
  10. afaq0

    Is this 144hz monitor worth it?

    @jstudrawa thanks. I don't mind getting a better 144hz monitor after saving up to around £200. Would this still be similar to £200 monitors or is this monitor only good for the price?
  11. Hi. I found an ad with a 144hz 1080p monitor listed at around £80. I looked it up and found the specs, which I will attach in this post. It is posted quite cheap so I would like to ask if there is something I am missing or if I should purchase this deal. I have been interested in 144hz monitors for gaming but have not found a cheap option until now.
  12. afaq0

    0 upload speed

    Hi. I have an issue, where I have very little upload speed. This means I cannot play certain games and other processes can be slow. Running the following commands in the command prompt usually fixes it : ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt then restarting the computer However, when I come back the next day or even shortly after, the issue appears again. My brothers computer is connected to the same network and does not have this issue. Anyone understand the commands and have an idea what is causing the problem and how it can fixed?
  13. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    @LukeSavenije Sorry for the confusion. The first picture is my old case with my old psu, which is like 230w. The second picture is my new case with my new psu.
  14. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    Sorry for the very late update. I bought the case the same day and moved everything into the new case the next day. Everything went well and it's working well. The case also came with a 450w power supply, which made the case a great buy for £10. The new case also looks quite better than my old case. My GPU in my old case used to hit 80c but this case happily sits it at the 60's. Thanks for the support and I am happy everything is working good. My computer has i5 2320, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050 ti, an older motherboard, 240GB Kingston SSD and 1TB HDD. (I'm sorry if cable management, English or the way I have presented this was not the best) Thanks to @LukeSavenije @PopsicleHustler @TVwazhere and @elin13
  15. @Slottr Understood. Thank you.