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  1. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    @PopsicleHustler Well...my build is not too modern. I got a GTX 1050 ti and a new SSD. Other than that, I have taken parts from my dad's old prebuilt such as an i5 - 2320 and 8gb ram. Motherboard is not that new either. Hopefully in the future when I go to college next year, I can get a nice build. I can still send pictures of the case when it's done.
  2. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    @LukeSavenije Thank you.
  3. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    Thanks @PopsicleHustler. I'll buy it today. My budget is quite low for now. Dad wants me to focus on exams.
  4. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    @LukeSavenije Ok thanks I agree that it does look a bit strange but I really wanted better cooling and the price seems nice. Thanks for your reply.
  5. afaq0

    Is this case good?

    @PopsicleHustler The case is about 10 euros. £10.
  6. I found a case for sale for a cheap price called the INWIN Griffin. I was thinking of buying it because my current pc had a case with no fans and no space for any. It only has a little ventilation. Would this case help with keeping my pc cool or will it not make too much of a difference. It has a 220mm fan, which is really big but I'm not sure if it will be effective in the way it is placed. The case is also from 2010. I have inserted images. Do you think I should get this case?
  7. My friend is looking to upgrade his computer. He is planning on getting a GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 from the GT 1030 he currently has. He currently has a i7-4770, which is from 2013. Will this CPU bottleneck or will it perform fine with the GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 in games such as Apex Legends? Thanks in advance.
  8. afaq0

    Difference in VB and VB .net

    @Franck @wasab @fpo Thanks for your help
  9. Hi. I am an absolute beginner and would like to know something. If I learned a tutorial for VB, would I be able to use VB .net?
  10. afaq0

    How to give my computer wireless?

    Thanks @Electronics Wizardy Thank you @Jurrunio. You answered my questions and helped me. I'll try getting a better wired setup connection and if it's not possible I'll find a pcie card or usb dongle that performs well.
  11. My dad gave me an old pc which had an i5 and 8gb ram but it could not do much. I installed a gtx 1050ti and an SSD and now its been doing really well. To connect to the internet my only option is to use ethernet. How would you make it so I can connect wirelessly and have good ping and a strong connection? Do new motherboards come with this built in? How could I do it? Thank you.
  12. @ughiwanthackintosh Thanks for your reply. Now I feel better and less worried.
  13. I bought a switch recently and on the first charge I only charged it to 30% and I had to go on a travel. (I wish I didn't have to travel so quick). Anyway, so I was playing Mario odyssey and having fun and I drained it to 5%. I have now powered it off and I am waiting to get home tommorow to charge it. My switch has never gone over 30%. Is it bad that I didn't get it to 100% on the first charge? Was I being not nice to my battery? Will my switch be ok? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. afaq0

    Ok to say thanks in thread?

    Thank you @seoz I liked your reply and it helped me.
  15. afaq0

    Ok to say thanks in thread?

    If someone gives me a nice answer, is it ok to say Thank You in the thread and use "@" to quote their name? I don't use this site often but it is an amazing site and the community is as nice as pillows.