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  1. @ughiwanthackintosh Thanks for your reply. Now I feel better and less worried.
  2. I bought a switch recently and on the first charge I only charged it to 30% and I had to go on a travel. (I wish I didn't have to travel so quick). Anyway, so I was playing Mario odyssey and having fun and I drained it to 5%. I have now powered it off and I am waiting to get home tommorow to charge it. My switch has never gone over 30%. Is it bad that I didn't get it to 100% on the first charge? Was I being not nice to my battery? Will my switch be ok? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. afaq0

    Ok to say thanks in thread?

    Thank you @seoz I liked your reply and it helped me.
  4. afaq0

    Ok to say thanks in thread?

    If someone gives me a nice answer, is it ok to say Thank You in the thread and use "@" to quote their name? I don't use this site often but it is an amazing site and the community is as nice as pillows.
  5. afaq0

    "Reboot and Select proper Boot device"

    @Tabs @wONKEyeYEs Thanks so much for the information. You have cleared my confusion. Time to re install Windows and every application I just installed haha. I guess I have learned something new and now have more knowledge. Also, now I will not repeat this mistake. Thanks everyone for the help. I really appreciate it.
  6. I am struggling. My hard drive was not working properly so I bought a SSD, which was much faster than the hard drive. I loved it. However, the pc booted off the hard drive and asked me if I wanted to do a disk repair or skip. When I skipped, it went to my SSD and booted Windows of my SSD like normal. However, once I unplugged my hard drive I receive a message saying Reboot and Select proper Boot drive. Any solutions? I would appreciate any help. Sorry if there was anything that did not make sense.
  7. afaq0

    GTX 1050 ti temperature and power limit

    I set up a fan curve but for some reason it did not really help. I was still getting 78c and around there. I think it could be my case, which has only one fan and that fan is not positioned near the GPU. My case does not have room for more fans either. Would getting a new case help? I am on a budget so any recommendations on cheap cases will be appreciated.
  8. afaq0

    GTX 1050 ti temperature and power limit

    I may sound like a noob but what does OP mean. I have had a look at the fan curve on MSI Afterburner and I will play some battlefield so see how it does.
  9. I have a GTX 1050 ti and I enjoy playing battlefield 1. My GPU hits 80c which I do not like. How could I solve this? Is it safe to decrease power limit so that temperatures will stay low?
  10. @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito Haha. Thanks for the help.
  11. It may be silly question but would a GTX 1050 ti work with an amd CPU?
  12. afaq0

    Moving to SSD

    @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito @MrDrWho13 @grimreeper132 Thanks so much! This helps me a lot and allows me to confidently contiue. I'm excited to use the ssd.
  13. afaq0

    Moving to SSD

    I am planning on buying an was as my old hard drive boots Windows really slowly and takes time launching applications. After 5 minutes, the pc seems so speed up. I want don't want to buy a code for Windows 10 so is there a way I could use my old Windows 10 which is activated to activate my new one as I won't need my old one anymore. I am aware I can skip the part where it asks for a serial code but I would rather not have the activate Windows watermark. I am new to this so there may be something I said that does not make much sense. Thanks in advance.
  14. afaq0

    i3 7100 or my older i5?

    @DocSwag i5 2320. @PCGuy_5960 I will do what you said. Thanks
  15. I have an older i5 2***. Should I use it or go for an i3 7100. I am new to this and don't know if I will gain an increase in performance as the i3 has quite a higher clock speed.