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  1. Yeah, from everyone's posts it feels like X299 is the better bet in the long run especially with AMD splitting their platform for Threadripper. Thanks everyone for the input. It has been extremely helpful.
  2. Its starting to seem like X299 mainly due to AMDs split of the platform to support Threadripper. I hope some solid info comes out on it soon.
  3. 7800X doesnt have the full 40 but i can upgrade to it. I believe the 1700x is at 24 yes.
  4. Yes i do want something similar to a beast. Best i can get now that will hold out for several years with upgrade ability.
  5. i SHould probably have mentioned i have no interest in overclocking.
  6. I have no specific interest in raid other than as backup. and its not like 1700x is rocking huge PCIe lane numbers.
  7. My problem with waiting for X399 is price. With the cost of X370 being comparable to X299 i can only assume X399 is going to be really pricey, not even knowing what CPU cost will be, and will cut into the other components i want.
  8. No i'm looking at buying the system now and upgrading the cpu in a year to 2 years time.
  9. I understand the 7800X is bottom of the barrel, but the difference in power between it and a 1700x hasn't appeared to major. The main concern is what will i be looking at in a year or 2 years when i can get the big, mohunkin cpu.
  10. What specifically is shit about the platform itself?
  11. I am looking at building a new PC for the first time in almost a decade. One of my requirements is the level of future upgrade options available to me from either platform. MY plan is to build a decent system (16gb ram in 2x8gb, GTX 1080) that i can build on over atleast the next 2 years. Over time i'll slowly add a second 1080, double the ram, and eventually get a better processor at the end. All things equal, an X299 i7-7800x and an X370 1700x will run me about the same. What i cant really tell is, CPU wise, which will be better down the road. X299 just looking at current info this one looks the most promising as the X299 platform will supposedly be compatible with even the bigdog upteen-cored i9s planned for release but whether current motherboards will have problems actually supporting them is another question. X370 looks better on price point over time but the new Threadripper stuff that will compete with i9 appears to require a whole new platform with X399 boards. Meaning i may not have the same level of upgrade options come 2019. The system will primarily be a gaming/photo editing/drawing rig, I have no plans to vid cap or stream of any kind but would like to tinker with video editing eventually. Now my knowledge on the new platforms may be off or completely wrong, this is just where i am right now and needing help picking a direction. I need this system to last as this is a rare opportunity for me to be able to dump $2k into a computer. So, thoughts?