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  1. Hi. If I connect 2 Ethernet to USB type-c with an Ethernet cable, can I use them as a USB extender? I would like to do the same thing that Linus did in his rig with an optical Thunderbolt cable but in a more cheap way. Thanks
  2. For the moment I'll buy a 5960x and overclock it. Thank you all for your help
  3. Thank you, I'll also consider that CPU, maybe I can find a good deal somewhere. For now, I'll stay with X99 and next year maybe i'll switch to X399
  4. So if I need more performance I have to go to Ryzen 3rd generation or X399 and if I want to stay to X99 the 5960x is the best deal, right? Thank you all for your help!
  5. And if I upgrade to X399 what's the best CPU? Tr 1950x or maybe 2950x?
  6. My budget is around 200/300$ for the Cpu only. What do you think about the higher clock speed Xeon that can be found for cheap on eBay, are they still too slow compared to modern cpu?
  7. Hi, I need advice since I want to upgrade my PC. This system is mostly going to be used for game development, design and digital art (Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, Fl Studio) and I'll also game a little on it (mostly Bf5 and Escape from Tarkov). I already have an X99 motherboard and I'd like not to change it. Currently, I have a Xeon e5-2609v3 but the clock speed is very slow and there isn't HyperThreading. What's a good CPU for my needs? Thanks.
  8. I need a cpu for render video, work on autodesk maya, cryengine 3, for use photoshop and adobe after effect.
  9. Hello. What is the best cpu for a workstation? Epyc or xeon?
  10. Because I use it for rendering and unreal engine 4