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  1. Hey, after searching fixes i find this interesting solution: Said: "Same problem BUT here's what fixed this for me, may not work for you. I7 9700k Gigabyte GTX 1080 ti SLI 32GB DDR4 3200 1000watt Cooler Master PSU My PSU had enough main lines to plug in the 8-pin and 6-pin power for BOTH of my GPUs. My PSU also has expansion ports to insert power cables specifically for PCIe devices. Once I started using the ports specificied for PCI slots, the problem cleared right up. I assumed that I would be able to use lines out of the main batch of power cables because the pins matched, and the removable PCI expansion power cables were for use on boards that had a ton of PCI cards. You may not have the same options I do but it's something to consider. Make sure your PSU is not only supplying enough continuous watts, that it also can provide the type of power needed for PCIe devices." This may make a lot of sense because my problem started since I updated to a GTX 1060
  2. Ty for your help, i hope that is the cause, we wait for your results
  3. In my case, I have a Gtx 1060 3GB, but it shows the same memory in dxdiag (4095MB). Could it be possible that for some reason windows instead of using gpu's current vram using the shared memory that windows allocate?
  4. This is normal? The Problem may be cause for this
  5. Someone can try this? Nvidia profile is broken. load older gpu (760/770) Format hdd. install new windows.. install all other pc drivers end nvidia drivers.. Nvidia create profile for gpu 700 series... check the antyaliasing.. if works,, off. PC.. now.. remowe old gpu... (only graphic card from the pcie slot) insert new card.. On. PC check AA. end...
  6. Same problem here, flickering textures in all games, and sometimes my screen turned black until restart the pc, they must be related problems
  7. All my games were fine when i had the GTX 760, clearly graphics, the problem appears when i updated to GTX 1060, poor graphics, jagged edges, forced resolution with downsapling doesn't help much
  8. My problem started since i switched graphic card (gtx 760 to gtx 1060) Game Dota 2 Screenshot from my pc (1080p, all ultra, high settings) Random image from internet This is present in all the games more visible in games like gta v
  9. Well i think i found the definitive solution for this shit, however i have a bad english so i paste the solution "So sorry if I couldn't contact you for the past 3 months. I was really busy and this issue was the least of my problems but I was investigating this like a few hours a week. However with no luck UNTIL LAST NIGHT. Last night I thought to myself that I should test the CMOS purity (Check it for bad info) Turns out clearing the CMOS did help a bit to reduce flickering and fix the Screen Space Reflection Ailaising but did not fix it. So I know that the problem was in the NVRAM but what was causing it to stay in the NVRAM or CMOS? The answer was obvious and I hate to say it but it's due to a Damaged NorthBridge in the MOBO Chipset. You can search about it on google but just to give you a summary: it's a sensitive piece and anything from high voltage to Wi-Fi noise or overloading can damage it and in my case it was the temperature. Northbridge is important to graphic rendering as it interconnects the Super I/O and ram to PCI-e or the GPU . Now I know that you may be thinking that why would it effect many people in different circumstances? this goes back to CMOS which is a chip that stores information in itself and loads the same damned information to NVRAM and the information itself was injected into CMOS as a security measure (Ironic huh? we already thought of a virus). Now I know you got a new PC as I read in one of the forum posts but I just wanted to let you know if it ever happens to you again, just clear the CMOS, restart the device with GPU installed to get a boot code of 99. Then you know that the GPU kernel boot is reset to the default (You have to do this so that the corrupt North bridge data does not transfer to new parts- I'm not sure about this part but clearly the GPU Kernel reads the nvram data as well). Then turn off the PC and throw the fucking motherboard out the window. You know at this point I'm both sad and happy. Happy that I know both my GPUs and other parts are good and I finally figured something out that a 99 pages of nvidia forum couldn't. However I'm sad that I had to change my motherboard but it is what it is and all is good now. Anyways, It's been a nice adventure with ya and I wish you the best luck in the future and hope that you never witness another messed up Northbridge."
  10. I never had this problem until I installed a new video card, after installing it I had this problem, i try to return to my previous video card but the problem still, so I do not think it is a CPU issue
  11. I am hopeful in this solution please tell us how it went
  12. I found this fix, someone already try this? "More or less, the issue became heavily mitigated to non-existent after switching to Gigabyte R9 380X (format, windows, install new graphics card into PC, installed Windows 8.1 Pro, updated everything via Windows update, installed graphics drivers Crimson 16.8.2., then Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 and x64, boom, great pic quality in all games, all forms of AA work great. Dunno if the C++, the updates or mods (NO ENBs, though!!!) did it, but it's great in all games now. When first I installed the R9 it was crappy too, though - pixelish feel to graphics, shimmering etc. Some software did it obviously. Shadows A-ok. Txture and object Pop-in gone (in some games the game versions caused the pop-in, though!)."
  13. Other video, so my theory is a software problem, maybe in a update driver or a change of gpu maybe this corrupt some files in our PC, when i change my videocard to 1060 this issue appeared, and when i try to back to my older 760 this issue Still. Sorry for my bad english
  14. Look this, i think this is our problem, however i dont have idea how to fix
  15. In my case the error started when I changed the GPU, I had the Gtx 760 and change it for 1060, then issue appeared