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  1. Okay, weird thing. I plugged two psu cables to my GPU instead of one splitted cable (don't know how to say it)... I just streamed 3h30 without any crash (versus a crash every 20 to 30 minutes). I don't know if it's because of the latest windows update or the GPU cables. I am still on 19.7.5 drivers.
  2. I updated all my drivers (pcie etc...) firmwares (in the right order) bios (up to F40) and reverted to older Amd drivers (19.7.5). I stopped using my second monitor but I keep crashing while playing and streaming. This is getting annoying
  3. A friend a mine lended me the 1080ti that's why I didn't keep it. I DDU'd and AMD Cleaner Tool'd like no tomorrow. Sometime, the computer doesn't post at all on bootup after I unplug the psu. Is it a faulty PSU then?
  4. Just had another crash as soon as I put something in my other display. That is weird.
  5. OMG, I was having those black screens thinking I was alone. I updated my bios, chipset, downgraded and used the latest adrenaline drivers, changed bios options (XMP + force Gen 3). I don't know what to do anymore. b450M DS3H Gigabyte Ryzen 5 2600 Sapphire Pulse 5700xt 16 go ram DDR4 SSDs 550 watts EVGA G3 Previous GPUs: Vega 56 Pulse / 1080 ti MSI. Never had those kind of crashes before. EDIT: Do any of you use two displays?
  6. Okay so going back to the topic of blurriness. I updated everything I could, used the AMD balanced power plan, deactivated everything, reactivated some things in the radeon settings (yatee yata) then used Ryzen Master in game mode, then used VGA instead of HDMI. So far nothing. There is blurriness IN GAME but not when watching Youtube or other videos (in game for example). Any clue?
  7. It was already off (because I hate it) and it's not motion blur as motion blur is smooth and here it's choppy. To overclock, can I use ryzen master? Or whatever the name is?
  8. Okay, it's assembled. Question: is it normal the gaming experience isn't "smooth". Like there is a constant "motion blur" when I play something. It's small but noticeable when you move around your aim / screen. The game is running at 60+ FPS though. Any thoughts? I know I updated the bios and basic drivers. I don't remember if I updated the chipset though.
  9. Hello LTT community, I received a MicroSD Sandisk I bought from a third party on Amazon (256 Gb MicroSD Sandisk SDXC Class 10) all worked well except for some things: The writing speed is between 11,6 Mbyte/s to 15 Mbyte/s (isn't it slow?) and after I put at least 50 Go of files (about), I can still transfer new files and they show up on the card but once I eject the card and insert it again (like I would do to transfer to another computer [which I did once]) the files are gone. I looked at the space used on the device and even if I put a few Go of data on the sd card, windows explorer never shows an evolution in the memory usage of the card. Windows tried to repair the card on booting up once, otherwise, I tried formatting, putting different files etc... but so far, no luck! Any advice? I am scanning the card with H2testw right now.
  10. Question of the day: how do I get wifi for this build?
  11. Mind if I contact you again later this year for my own computer build?
  12. Yes! My handwriting is bad and I never was able to keep a consistent color code for my notes when I was on regular paper... that I managed to lost my things. One big plus for digitalization is going in a document and CTRL + F the things you need to then make your unit summaries. A problem I had on paper was trying to find that ONE formula hidden at the beginning of the notebook or on a paper I separated temporarily but never put back in my file.
  13. You will laugh, I contacted a PC store to ask them to build the PC for me (since I didn't know much) and I asked for a build similar to that. Here is what they gave me: Case: Corsaire Carbide 100R - Black PSU: System Power 9 500 W MOBO: MSI B450 Gaming Plus Proc: Ryzen 5 2400G Ram: 1x8 Go Kingston DDR4 HyperX Fury PC23400 (2933Mhz) SSD: 128 GB Plextor PX 128S3C HDD: 1 To All for 657€98 (without Windows and without assembling it) I am glad I went on this forum and dig a little bit. It took them a while to answer, that's why I decided to search what I could do.