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  1. Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean our TV to remove grease and other debris without damaging the TV
  2. I think I'm going to just get the cm600 seems to be the best I can find
  3. I was looking and I found a mb7621 Motorola 24x8 is that better
  4. I only have the 250 Mbs plan and if the puma chipset is so bad why is it still for sale
  5. I have decided I am tired of paying to rent a modem, router combo from Xfinity. I have been looking online l, I found the netgear cm700, I'm going to pair it with a drink exo ac2600 mu-mimo router. They seem like they will be a good for the the variety of connections I have in the house. We have several AC devices and also many 802.11n devices. If I understand it correctly this should allow all of our devices to connect and not interfere with each other as much. I would appreciate your comments on this thankyou
  6. Usa whheight and battery life arent too important she will be using it plugged in or arround the house
  7. Here is what I am looking for l, 17.3 inch display, I3 or I5 4 to 8 GB ram and 1tb storage, it's for my mom and she isn't going to be doing anything graphics intense, general productivity, web surfing, streaming video etc I'd like to stay under 600 if anyone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it
  8. She uses her laptop mostly as a at home machine with occasional use outside when weather permits, 17.3 inch screen backlit keyboard, as far as I'm concerned her laptop is plenty fast for what she needs but she was wanting to know, what's out there also it would be nice to have one with hdmi2.0 4k60 support for our new tv
  9. My mom was considering upgrading to a newer laptop, I found a hp with a ryzen 3 2300u with Vega 6 graphics, I am new to ryzen we have mostly owned Intel systems but for her basic use case and price point I am considering it. I would like your feed back, and comments. She will be using it for web browsing, research, online shopping, streaming video, maybe watching a movie or listening to music. I know pretty basic stuff but I want to make sure she doesnt have any issues, thanx for any help you can offer, btw her current laptop is a 3rd gen i3 4 gigs of ram 500 GB hard drive and integrated graphics
  10. I've noticed my wifi connection on my cellphone seems better when I'm farther from the router there isn't as much lag as there is when I am close, could this be interference, my router is 802.11ac any Ideas
  11. I have a s9 I didnt realize I could disable Bixby I tried but couldn't find a disable button
  12. Every time I watch a video something linus says makes bixby activate. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. i7 2630 qm nvidia gt540m 6gb ram its a toshiba laptop i got in 2012 i know its getting old but untill i can afford a better one its waht i have
  14. Hello I have an older pc and it has seemed more slow than ever in the last few weeks i think the spectre/meltdown windows patch might be the issue what are the steps to uninstall tjhis update to test my theory. i realize the security risks however id rather have an insecure peppy poc than a secure neutred computer. irf anyone can help it would nbe appreciated
  15. Hello what is everyone's thoughts on the nvidia mx series of graphics cards, are they worth having in a laptop over integrated graphics. Any insights would be helpful. Thankyou