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  1. I just remember it from somewhere. So, might be fake news
  2. Yeah but it stops charging after its full and tve battery is factory capped into reasonable precentages when it says its 100%it really not. At least my laptop's battery lasted much better when it was charging almost always. We had 2 of the exactly same laptops one normal use and one charging.
  3. After a little over a year, it's been in constant charging since I use it as a secondary phone.
  4. Not using a vpn. The phone is only connected to wifi. Doesn't even have an Sim card. Still the power manager says that over 80% is going to Rf signal. I don't see why it would it doesn't even have internet access apart from wifi but the wifi battery usage is in a different category only about 7%
  5. My Zte Axon 7 is quite old not 2y 9months but this kind of battery drainage is unacceptable! So in 48min 2sec it lost 100% of its battery just by watching Youtube. And it even says 99% went to the screen (brightness was about 50%) any good reasons and help fixing this. Is it hardware?
  6. I use SurfShark for the very good price/perfromance, and have been very happy with it.
  7. I have been trying to choose an Android Tv in the sub 1000€ range.One that stood out was Sony KD-55XF9005 55 but it seems to have high input lag. If I'm going to game with this, will it be a big problem or just a minor inconvenience? (nothing competitive just casual singelplayer shit) Choosing from Android TV:s since they have good app support and updates? still open for suggestions! Google Stadia is a big deal for me. I'm guessing Android TV:s are going to get that supported? Right....? And finally is this Sony TV good? Does anyone happen to have some experience with this model or a similar one? Thanks for reading this! and for all the suggestions and tips.
  8. Yeah, I got it figured out. I sent it to warranty repair they changed the whole screen and now it works perfectly. It must be something with the display cable not being able to hold up, just like in the macbook.( The cable is actually exposed between the hinges and since its an 360 flip it gets a lot of stress. They made design a mistake there. The way I figured out it wasn't software was through something called "Abitti" which we use for exams in the Finnish education system. It actually has drivers for the touch screen and since they don't change I was able to rule out the driver issues. If you want to try it out for yourself you can download abitti (free and safe since its used by the finnish education system) If it doesn't work its hardware if it does its software. https://www.abitti.fi/fi/ohjeet/usb-tikkujen-kirjoittaminen/ Its in Finnish so might wanna use google translate but the download link is the blue "Lataa asennuspaketti" plop that to an usb drive and boot that in your bios. It should work on your laptop. There is also a video guide for more help
  9. Ah, another question if you don't mind if I log in using google(portal) and that service gets a security breach is my google password still safe?
  10. Are there ways they can benefit from knowing the 1st part even though they don't know where it is, how long it is or even that it exists in the password? The length is going to be upwards of 20 characters after the old one. So not easily guessed by a human at least
  11. So, for example I had a password 123456 And for more important sites and I used 123456abcd or BFF123456abcd Would it be as secure as a new password with the same amount of characters. More specifically: The 1st password gets leaked by the service. Is the second password still safe if its altered from the back or from the back and the front. 1234 is just an example! I'm not going to use it
  12. Ah, that's a nice thing to know thanks!
  13. I haven't yet looked into this too much so, will the trademark protect only my business name or will it help with protecting the idea? hard to explain, but im worried once I get up and running someone with a bigger funds might be able to makes a similar service advertise it more and basically make it better faster than I can. Im guessing that's just the free market but that's rough I guess win for the consumers The original idea is basically the whole business any average Joe like myself can pretty much make it happen. So, I'm guessing the competition is going to be rough. Its hard work 24/7 to get a head start gdpr is going to be a problem too.... Well I will look into this once I have the time and stop bothering you once again Thanks to you all for the help especially you dj_ripcord!
  14. I'm actually trying to create it into a business with an actual profit model but at least it will handle it at the beginning (if this ever succeeds :D) found a market gap with some uncharted waters I know this is not the place to ask but do I need a patent? Or is there even a way to stop copycats?