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  1. Hello, So I need kinda fast answers since I have to order asap. I am looking to buy a new pair of earbuds or headphones since my old earbuds (urbeatsv2) started go apart after a few months of use. My earphones (beats ep) stopped working on my phone (huawei p9).. no clue why, they work on iphones and some android phones, they just decided that they wouldn't work on my phone anymore (other earphones do work on my phone). ANYWAY.. I am looking rather to buy Samsung iconx srm-150 or Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro dt for mostly my phone, but I can't decide what I should pick up. I listen to hard rock, a little heavymetal, mild techno, and a little bit of rap. I walk to school every day, and home again, and then go for a walk with my dog, so I use them for walking about 10-15 km a day. I live in Denmark so that's the best options I could find for me. Thank you for reading
  2. Thanks for your response I'll will go to the store tomorrow and see if I can get a replacement. I know you are questioning why I keep coming back to razer, but tbh this is the first time for my that I have had issues with their products, I use razer in general because I like their products, maybe a bit overpriced and not the best build quality (even tho they have improved in my opinion). My first keyboard was the original deathstalker, then blackwidow 2014, then chroma and now chroma v2. The chroma v2 was the only keyboard that failed failed for me For those intrested, here is a list of razer products I use or have used: Razer Kraken 7.1 (original) Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 Razer deathstalker (Original) Razer Blackwidow 2014, chroma and chroma v2. Razer Orbweaver (original) Razer Mamba TE (it just sits un my disk, I pref Logitech g900 way more) Razer Spectre Star craft 2 edition Razer firefly Razer BaseStation Chroma Razer levaithan mini and 5.1 Razer hoodie
  3. Hello, So about a year ago I got myself a Razer Blackwidow chroma v2, I noticed since day one that sometimes 8 its led's don't light the color it is supposed to. I was thinking that it was just a software thing and waited, but to this day it still does it, I have tried using both synapse 2.0 and 3.0 (up to date version), using it on other computers, reinstalling driver and such, but it still happens. I have warranty on it, and it is in pretty much perfect condition, no scratches or anything. Do you think I could/should return it since it still bothers me?
  4. Then they will come up with some bullshit to make me pay for shipping. ps. sorry for late answer, I didn't have acces to internet for a few weeks..
  5. So dude, I got my monitor, and it is NOT 90 refreshrate, I tried using a monitor OC, but it just wont go over 60..
  6. So dude, I found out my RAM sticks were overhwating, how is that possible? I never touched the timings nor speed.
  7. I am prob. going to try with a friends RAM stick as well (Yes we do know the basics of building a pc .
  8. I tried AIDA again, this time with RAM also being stressed, this time it took 8 mins and 48 sec for Hardware failure. So it has something to do with my RAM, but what? They are in 1st and 3rd slot.
  9. Oh my PSU is 750 W, and my cpu is 6 years old, it might just be that it is old and breaking tbh.
  10. The temp wasn't a problem, I am wondering if you even read the whole thing tbh. The thermalpaste was put on by corsair, so that is prob. not the problem. And I am not taking it off since my motherboard is made by retards (sorry for language).
  11. Hello, So I've been playing around with my cpu (specs below), and I found stability at 4.6 ghz with AIDA EXREME running for an hour. I reached a max temp of 65oC on my cpu, and that was also overall the highest temp. Everything was good, I reached what I wanted, but then.. uncorrectable error. Why did this happend? I even gave cpu 1.456 voltage. And since my RAM wasn't overclocked, I do not see why it crashed. I didn't change bus speed since my motherboard doesn't show an option to change it. Specs: Video Card: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics (8gb) (Clocked speed is 1290 mhz with memory on 2000) Processor: AMD FX(tm)-8150 Eight-Core Processor (4.6 ghz 1.456 voltage) Motherboard: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 RAM: 2x Kingston HyperX Gen DDR3-1866 4 GB (Both are running at standard (1366 I think))
  12. The budget is at 170 British Pound. So if you have a suggestion, you are welcome to present it.
  13. It's not because it is crazy priced, but my parrents wants to give me a present that isn't money...
  14. Oh. And about the freesync, it's the other monitor that has freesync