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  1. Hmm Interesting, I never looked on Gigabyte for monitors. Seams like it has some uniformity issues though. Kida show stopper for me - https://www.rtings.com/monitor/tools/compare/asus-rog-pg279q-vs-gigabyte-ad27qd/578/757?usage=3623&threshold=0.1 Thanks man
  2. Hey, many thanks for clicking on the topic. So already have the PG279Q IPS and looking for upgrade within the same budget and spec. It's not the newest design, so maybe there's a valid alternative that you can recommend ? Thanks : )
  3. Hey so the plan is to get as many people as possible and fly together from the UK to LTX19 couple days before to adjust after jet lag and enjoy the event together. I'm from London but if you have the ticket and flying from somewhere else let me know I'll try to organise a meetup after arrival or something. Maybe we could get some king of organise group discount for a flight or something. Anyway, I already cant wait to get there. PIKO