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  1. Can't find anything here edge72_hmm.pdf
  2. I changed my pc case and it beeps 3 times and then has 1 long beep and then repeats the beeping.
  3. im going to change my psu in the new case, on the motherboard is kept the same
  4. i want to put this motherboard into a cheap new case but i dont what cases it will fit in.
  5. So i was just interested is it was possible to run ps4 games/xbox only games on pc. So i sthere anyway to get the operating system on pc.
  6. What does a TTL ping mean and how do I stop it
  7. I dont why my packet loss is 100% pls help
  8. I ran a a test and i get about 40 fps on my current specs eventhough my gpu is being used 2% and my cpu is being used 100%.
  9. Yes but I need a cpu that can run fortnite at at least 60/70 fps. I could also upgrade ram to 8GB if required.
  10. My budget is 40£ ik very low am only 13. I live in London and my current specs are intel pentium e6300 and GT 710 and 4GB RAM and 164 GB hard drive. I am going to upgrade my motheboard too when I decide on the best cpu.