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  1. imshadowfox

    Predator XB271HU USB power

    Heyo, does anyone else have this monitor? I can't seem to find any settings to turn off usb power when my pc is off. It keeps my mouse LED on and it's very bright specially at night.
  2. imshadowfox

    System Tray icons too big

    Heyo, does anyone know how to reduce the space that each system tray icon takes? It's just an aesthetics issue but it's bugging me that these small icons are taking up more space in the screen than i'd want.
  3. imshadowfox

    300MHz at Idle

    Heyo, curious to know if it's normal for my GPU to be idling around 300-ish MHz?
  4. imshadowfox

    GPU power cable LED

    Heyo, im just curious if it's normal for my gpu power cable led to be on, despite the pc being off.
  5. imshadowfox

    Need VR help - blurry resolution

    Is there any software solution? It's kinda hard to get those things in my country, not many physical options on my end.
  6. imshadowfox

    Need VR help - blurry resolution

    Heyo, I recently got an Oculus Rift and I have poor eye sight. I find it very uncomfortable using my glasses with my headset and I can't find any setting to change the focus. Is there some way to virtually change the focus of the graphics to fit my needs?
  7. imshadowfox

    USB power stays on

    after hours of checking and double checking, i finally found the setting in my BIOS.
  8. Heyo, my keyboard, mouse and led strip connected via USB stays on when I shutdown my PC. I have a strix x370-f mobo and most solutions i find had to do something with the BIOS and I can't find it anywhere. The connected devices light up my room despite the pc being shutdown.
  9. Heyo, I have one led strip connected to my back USB port for power but it won't shut off after shutting the PC down. I've already unchecked the fast startup option in power settings but some ports seem to be powered, still. My keyboard is off but my mouse still lights up when I click and as well as the led strip is still on.
  10. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    Updated the bios and looks like everything is good to go! Idk why it reverted back to the old bios in the first place but i guess i might hsve just forgotten to update it last night. Thanks for the help! Im still new to the whole pc building thing and i knew i can always count on this community for assistance.
  11. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    R 1700 x370. I did not notice that bios date. I'll try to update it and see if theres any progress.
  12. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    No overclocking of any kind has been done yet.
  13. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    All 32gbs recognized and top corner led indicates dram issue - as per the manual.
  14. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    Yes, it posted succesfully up until an hour ago. I was installing programs to get it ready for work when i caught the end of a bsod as i came back to the room. All the parts are fresh including the windows install.
  15. imshadowfox

    New build wont post

    I recently finished my build last night and this afternoon i got a BSOD and now it wont post to windows. My mobo is spitting out dram led but it can recognize all 4 sticks in all 4 slots. Idk what else to do.