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  1. Heyo, I just got some confirmation that deepcool will be sending me their Fryzen cooler as RMA replacement for my damaged AIO. Will it have enough clearance on my ram sticks? I am using 4 trident z rgb sticks right now. If anyone has some experience with the Fryzen, it would be much appreciated if you can share the ram clearance on this thing. Edit 1: I have a Strix x370-F motherboard.
  2. ImBumi

    No display

    I am back up and running again. Sending this response through my PC now, just switched the places of 2 sticks. Thanks a lot for the help!
  3. ImBumi

    No display

    They were working just fine before the leak. I'll try moving them around and the 1 stick only method and see if it works.
  4. Heyo, Im testing out my pc with back up parts after an aio leak a couple of days ago but my monitor doesn't seem to be getting any signal. Im noticing this steady orange light when i turn it on. Everything was turned off when the leak happened and from what i can tell, my gpu took all the coolant (leak was more of a consistent dripping spaced a few minutes from each other). I've soaked up everything that i could and allowed everything to air dry for more than 48 hours. Im testing it out to see which are damaged so it can be replaced by my aio warranty. Any idea why im not getting any display? Any methods i should to rule out other causes? Edit: I just noticed there's also a solid red light at the bottom right corner of the mobo below the gpu. Edit 2: the orange led says DRAM and the bottom red led says SB_PWR.
  5. Unfortunately we don't since I work freelance.
  6. Dropbox issues. Some files wont sync which locks the rest of my files and unlocking them crashes dropbox. My boss is forcing me to reformat.
  7. I'm thinking about doing a full format as a last resort. It would take me almost a full 24 hours, which i dont have, to re-install everything. Its been a while since I did the OCs so i can only remember doing the GPU via Afterburner and the others in BIOS.
  8. Heyo, I found out about the "Reset this PC" option when I was looking for a reformat tutorial and it has an option to keep files. I want to know if it will uninstall any programs/apps when it gets reset this way or lose any files from other hard drives. Or do I lose any files at all from any drives for that matter. Will it also reset overclocks? RAM, CPU and GPU. Also, do I need any programs on a USB stick like how normal formatting is done as a prep to do this?
  9. So everything should be normal then?
  10. I can't remember if I set it to 3000Mhz or 3200Mhz. Is there a way to check? Sorry, it's been a while since i meddled with my system settings that i lost touch.
  11. Heyo, I'm not sure if my ram is running at full speed. I remember overclocking it but it's been a while so i'm not so sure. I have 32 GBs in 4 sticks running.
  12. Heyo, I'm having this trouble where photoshop locks a folder when i edit and 'save as' more than 1 image on the folder. I can't move the folder anywhere unless i close photoshop. I edit a lot of different images stored on multiple folders each day and this is getting really annoying. I used to use lockhunter to fix this issue but now it can't find photoshop.exe anymore for some reason. I use dropbox to move the folders to my colleagues. This just started happening this week. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I'm using win 10 pro, PS CC 2019.
  13. This tripped on Paladins and Albion Online.
  14. RGB = more FPS though, it's common sense. ? But seriously though, this is the 2nd game that this has happened to me, good thing those were just through away games that i wanted to try so it wasn't much of a lose for not having played them. But I'm just concerned that it might trigger games that I really want to play (but haven't played them yet) plus other future titles like CP2077 and RDR 2.
  15. Heyo, is there any way of going around anti-cheat softwares making a false-positive on my RGB controller? It shows that Lighting.exe is causing the issue.