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  1. its not easy to see, but the imgur gif has task manager open on it, and none of the numbers spike or max out at all, there is still activity as well and risk of rain 2 and borderlands 2 will do it in offline mode
  2. I've checked event viewer a few times and haven't seen any eve ts that line up with the time these happen. I'm still trying to test and get a few more of these skips to occur while I'm recording so get more data on it all. Thinking about it, I know it's done with with Apex legends as well. But not any programs, just games themselves so far. I had a hunch on the newer SSD, and out the WOTLK install on my OS drive and played about an hour with no issues. Usually it's occurring about 3 or 4 times an hour. Is there a program that recommended to test my SSD? I should also mention I've fully formatted my OS drive and reinstalled windows 2 days ago and the issue still persisted
  3. So I honestly can't remember how long this has been going on, but I've noticed it has been happening more http://imgur.com/a/KaEUp4b So my game image and audio will freeze for a few seconds, Say not responding and then will pick right back up with the game. This happens when it's full-screen or windowed, At any resolution. I have no temperature issues while this goes on, none at all. The videos on my second monitor will even continue to play with audio uninterrupted. I've seen this happen with WoW(a private WOTLK server), Risk of Rain 2, borderlands 2, System specs Windows 10 I74770 k 16gb ram 1600mhz Asrock motherboard Gtx 1080 FE OS drive is a Samsung 120gb ssd Game drive is a 500gb Kingston, the most recent addition to my system. Ive updated all my drivers and updated windows 10, and even reverted my Nvidia drivers to a set from a few months ago. Edit: I also reformatted my OS drive and reinstalled windows and all updates and drives 2 days ago Help me figure this out guys plz